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Injector Calibration & Nozzle Mounting (VE)

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  • Product Description

    Digital Injector Calibration

    This is the only way to properly set up your new Genuine Bosio nozzles for ideal performance!! This service enables for maximum power and efficiency

    We feel this is the most technically correct and precise way to maintain and/or upgrade your injection system.

    Exclusive Pressure Setting Options :

    • Stage 1- Low Smoke for cleanest operation [ ideal for stock or lightly modified vehicles, or for modified vehicles seeking best fuel economy ] 

    • Stage 2 (+5% Main Injection Volume)

    NOTE: Increasing Flow volume above "Standard Settings" allows for lower smoke output with a wider range of performance from the selected nozzle. This allows us to fine tune the injector/nozzle combination to meet specific performance targets. Increasing the flow volume will cause incremental increases in EGT since fuel delivery will occur over a slightly longer period of time. Generally if more performance is needed beyond a Stage 4, the next higher flow nozzle may be worth considering. These settings cannot be controlled by the Engine ECU, and are mechanically set during the injector overhaul process. The settings can be increased or decreased at any time by us, NOTE: no modification to the nozzle is made since this would render the nozzle unserviceable.


    You can send your injectors in for service..... or we offer the very popular and easy kermaTDI Hot Swap Injector Program option



    Direct Injection (DI) High Tech Injector Rebuilding and Nozzle Mounting and Calibration :

    Why is it so important?

    Two Stage Injector Calibration

    Unlike older IDI or Pintle style injectors, two-stage injectors precisely meter and inject fuel at different intervals of every combustion stroke in order to control the pressure rise in the cylinder. The resulting softer rise in pressure greatly reduces the Diesel Knock formerly associated with diesel engines. This however results in an injector that cannot be set thru conventional methodology. Two stage injectors require multiple steps to insure both injection events occur within a very narrow window of pressure to insure that the fuel metering is not effected to maximize the ECUs control of the engines combustion and power output. Each injection event in normal operation can be as rapid as 1.5 milliseconds in duration while tightly controlling the amount of fuel injected to minimize engine emissions output.


    Digital Injector Calibration and Balancing

    Digital pressure sensing is used to read and and record injector data. The Pressure sensor is certified under ASME B40.7-2005 standards which permits accuracy to +/- 0.5% and a pressure range expanded to over 600 bar! Also due to the high speed cycling of the nozzles the new digital calibration equipment was selected due to its ability to read ALL pressure cycles that occur within a 10 millisecond window! To insure the highest level of accuracy the pressure resolution will be reduced to .068bar meaning extremely accurate pressure readings during all injector opening phases that no analog pressure gauge can display.

    Digital flow validation is used to read and and set every new nozzle that we sell. This is performed on the nozzles prior to installation allowing us to insure that every nozzle perform exactly to specification.

    We can generate a complete report for every nozzle and compare every critical aspect of that nozzle performance. This is the equivalent of a Dyno for nozzles. We can evaluate delivery rate, peak delivery volume as well as response to flow at all ends of the flow range.

    This new system uses state of the art Flow sensing technology which evaluates all flow characteristics by replicating the flow of the fuel passing thru the nozzle. Long gone are the fill tubes you may have seen, this new generation test bench samples flow rates as often as 400 times per second allowing a complete evaluation of a nozzles performance not previously possible.

    This is especially helpful for companies developing a nozzle design or for the performance oriented driver/tuner looking to get the maximum performance from a nozzle combination.

    Set Pressure Ranges

    Each pressure is set at a predetermined value based on the ECU fuel mappings expectation of injector performance. The pressures of each stage although independent have a reliance on each other to achieve the specified pressure that respective stage should begin to open at. Manipulation of one pressure without adjustment to the other will cause an erronious pressure change on the other. Anytime one stage is changed the other too must be adjusted and set accordingly.

    Spray Quality

    Injectors have a certain expectation of durability in a specific application. The primary factor that determines the life of an injector nozzle is the quality of the fuel filtration. peak pressures at the nozzle holes can exceed 2000 bar, any amount of suspended matter can cause the fuel to act like a cutting jet rapidly eroding the nozzles precision machined hole geometry. It is accepted that no matter how good the filtration is, it is impossible to completely eliminate all particles from the fuel. So, even with ideal conditions some erosion of the nozzle is expected and will occur thus the reason nozzle fuel spray should be evaluated at regular intervals to reduce the likelihood of damage to the pistons combustion bowl and cylinders.

    Here are the details and the Fine Print goodies:

    This is the only way to properly set up your new Genuine Bosio nozzles for ideal performance! This extra attention to correct nozzle / injector technical specifications will optimize performance, smooth engine operation, correct fuel delivery, and provide the best fuel efficiency.

    If you'd like upgraded nozzles installed, please select from any of the Genuine Fratelli Bosio nozzles, and add to your order.

    You will be emailed a processing form with the address to send the injectors with the Order Confirmation

    If you are using our Injector Hot Swap Program we will ship the new Genuine Bosio nozzle mounted and calibrated to you first and then you can return your injector cores to address on Injector Processing Form.


    Hot Swap injector program.

    === Purchase any set of Genuine Bosio ALH nozzles from KermaTDI and pay for Mounting, calibration and flow balancing and we will ship a set of VE injectors mounted with your nozzles and eliminate downtime of your vehicle.

    === A $600.00 core deposit will be charged at the time of purchase (by typing "HOT SWAP" in the "HOT SWAP DEPOSIT" option above). Once we receive your used set of VE injectors complete* and in serviceable condition** to us.... you will receive your full core charge back without any hidden fees or charges! The core deposit is to ensure that we have good cores for the next customer and can keep these cars running well. This is a group effort to support better running TDI's.

    === *Complete injectors mean (3) injectors from cylinders 1, 2 and 4 as well as the #3 injector. The #3 injector is expected to arrive without the T return nipple and banjo bolt. Injectors must be returned un-opened and with the nozzles installed to prevent loss of internal components. Note: If you require the nozzles mounted in your core injectors be returned to you, a modest fee of $10.00 will be charged and the nozzles upon receipt by us will be removed, bagged and shipped back to you via USPS.

    === **Serviceable condition means no marring of the injector bodies such as vice grip marks or other surface damage to the return nipples and threads. The #3 injector must be in good condition without ANY damage, fraying or tearing of the sensor wire. If there is any damage to the injectors that renders them damaged or unserviceable we reserve the right to retain your full core deposit.

    [High deposit level injectors require extra cleaning labor and fluids and may incur a $50 surcharge or cleaning to the required levels may not be feasible. This is most likely to occur with Waste Vegetable Oil or High Concentration Biodiesel... these nozzles and sometimes these injector bodies may not be usable. Please specify if you want these returned to you in the documents when you ship to us ]

    === Note: To prevent damage to the injectors you must remove the injectors using a slide hammer thus extracting them upward and out of the head. This will prevent damage to the injectors and allows easy and quick extraction with minimal effort. This extractor is available for purchase at low cost through Kermatdi and there are plans to make your own on the net. In either case using this extraction method is the surest way to remove the injectors without damage.

    ===*** We ask that you return the injectors in a timely manner so we can keep this program in full stride. After 60 days the deposit will be forfeited unless arrangements have been made.

    === We realize that at times injectors may be damaged we would like to remind you that we offer a complete set of NEW injectors at very competitive prices shipped to you ready for install.


    Please indicate the year of your vehicle above, as there is a different #3 injector wire connector on most 2003 VWs [D-shaped] Please check this connection prior to ordering the Hotswap program so we ensure we get you the correct connection [ 1996 to 2002 have a Square Plug on the #3 Injector wire / 2003 usually has a D shaped plug]





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    1. fast clean and easy

      this service is a life saver! i got my injectors in a week or so, came with all the tools needed to pull all your old injectors, new fuel lines pre-cut, and new copper seals, they even took the time to paint the bodies on the new injectors to keep them looking clean. they installed clean and with no problems, once i dialed them in my jetta has run like it never has. would recommend this highly. on 27th Jul 2017

    2. Injector rebuild and calibration

      After giving much concideration to doing this service I finally did it and all I can say is don't wait my friend Do it. I was blown away with the service and how everything turned out not only IT IS like you just read on the other reviews but even better. My car runs so smooth and no more smoke at start up. I got about 8k miles on this engine after I rebuild it back on dec of 2015, but I never changed the injectors and it was time to give the new engine the last piece of the puzzle. I REGRET not doing this sooner. Not only they cleaned rebuild calibrated installed the new nozzles (I bought from them during the Black Friday sale) and painted the injectors, but they even put brand new fuel return lines (free), crush copper washers (free) for each injectors. Wrapped them really good for delivery and if you go to the link they provide you can see and download an amazing step by step instructional guide on HOW TO with over 30 pictures and detailed instructions. Iam in the process of building a second 1.9ALH and I will definitely do this service again or the Hot swap for the injectors of the second engine. My car has 344,000 and these where the original injectors. on 5th Mar 2017

    3. hot swap alh injectors.......... Simple

      WOW.........what a difference...thanks on 11th Sep 2016

    4. Good stuff

      Very happy on 22nd Apr 2016

    5. Totally Worth It

      To be honest, I was skeptical about the necessity of this service when I purchased my nozzles. But considering that the car I purchased had been sitting for at least a year, I figured it was probably a good idea to get this done. But after this experience I will always recommend this service if you have the available cash. It is totally worth it. It was about a 10 days turn around time but worth the wait. The injectors that I sent out were dirty and junked up, I was more than impressed on what came back. Not only did they rebuild the injectors and attach my new nozzles, they took the time to clean and paint my injectors! This to me shows that they take pride in their work and product. There are a lot of companies out there but Kerma has definitely made a customer out of me by going above and beyond in their service. on 4th Apr 2016

    6. Great option

      Love it, with the hot swap is the perfect combination, on 3rd Mar 2016

    7. necessary for smooth running car

      Get the hot swap option and new nozzles with calibration and when you recieve them you can install them in 30 minutes. My car has 215,000 miles and runs better than new. on 11th Feb 2015

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