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Kerma Custom Tuning (including Q-PRO programmer) for 04-06.5 "PD" models

Pricing: $649.00
Free Ground or Postal Service Shipping to the Continental U.S.



ECU tuning for PD- with Q-PRO



This package covers all TDI between model years 2004-2006, with the BEW, BRM, or BHW engine. Also European EDC15 models


About ECU tuning

While our model for TDI performance includes mechanical components like the turbo, intake, exhaust, camshaft, cylinder head, and so forth, that's only part of the picture. At the end of the day, there's just no avoiding the influence of the ECU on every aspect of the engine. Even with the very best mechanical components, it's ultimately the ECU tuning that makes everything work together as a balanced, functional package.


Great tuning is the foundation of our philosophy of seamless, cost effective upgrades. This lets the customer build and upgrade with confidence... with our proven upgrade packages.


ECU tuning is an essential part of our balanced TDI concept... that goes great with our:




  • -precisely calibrated injectors featuring Bosio nozzles,
  • -upgraded Silent Design Clutches from Southbend,
  • -tested and proven Turbocharger upgrades
  • -Colt Billet Cams
  • -KermaFlow Stainless Exhaust Systems





We have learned so much over the 10+ years, that our ECU tuning has become really sophisticated.There's so much work behind the scenes to create the best engine tuning calibrations, that go hand in hand with our nozzle and calibration work... the upgrade turbos... and the other components. We are finding that the ECU tuning is the difference that can make it a tremendous success.


When we sell it here, then we fully support it here, so you know our ECU tuning compliments our upgraded equipment perfectly. Whether you are a weekend tinkerer or dedicated professional mechanic, you can always count on us to see you through the project with a minimum of hassle. After all, you bought the car to drive, not work on it!




Our ECU Tuning is made-to order to YOUR specifications, and we can support a wide range of modifications. Whether it's a completely stock car, or nearly twice the original horsepower and torque, or more, we've got you covered.



Whether you upgrade a little, or upgrade a lot...Kerma's Custom Tuning approach provides a powerful foundation so you can confidently build a great car. And when you buy the upgrade parts from us, the retuning is free.



Our goal is to make the car ownership experience a pleasure. The real joy that comes from driving a fuel efficient car- that becomes really fun to drive.  


Q-PRO Flash Programmer - a KERMA innovation

This tuning package includes our very popular Q-PRO device. It's a standalone, menu driven programmer, about the size of a paperback.The Q-PROs convenient and very simple to use. 


  • Menu-driven device, about the size of a paperback.
  • Stores your stock factory tune and up to two modified tunes
  • Very simple to use- menu driven and intuitive.
  • If you can use e-mail on a PC you can use the Q-loader.
  • Connects to the diagnostic port on your vehicle for commincation with the ECU
  • It also reads and clears Diagnostic Troubleshooting Codes.
  • Easy to return to stock programming at any time

Dyno Run watch it on youtube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfNzTSrg6ME
The convenience of the Q PRO makes upgrade tunes a breeze any time you purchase equipment upgrades from kermaTDI. So this is perfect if you choose to start with a tune, and then add nozzles later, then a turbo after that. We simply e-mail you a new upgrade tune to support your equipment upgrade - free of charge.

And if you sell the car, and the ECU is restored to stock, your Q PRO can be used on the next vehicle - all you need to buy is a tune for a the new car and reuse the programmer.

After you order, we will e-mail detailed instructions and ask for some information about your car. We are always available to answer questions at 877-537-6283 or tuning@kermatdi.com

The Q-PRO works on Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and ... Mac that can dual boot into Win XP or Win 7


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  • PDtune1
  • KermaTDI
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Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 2.0 lbs.
  • W5.0000” x H5.0000” x L5.0000”
  • Free Ground or Postal Service Shipping to the Continental U.S.

Customer Reviews

Comment Total Reviews (9)

Kerma tune
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Adam04/22/2017 06:00AM

Purchased from: KERMATDI

The Q loader has a very friendly i interface. Plug and play! The tune is fantastic! My mk4 jetta tdi is quite a bit snappier than before and that puff of black smoke is icing on the cake! The car puts a smile on my face every time I drive it now. Thanks Team Kerma!

Great upgrade
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Ignacio02/05/2017 07:00AM

Purchased from: KERMATDI

Great performance improvement for the car, makes it fell lots lighter and better fuel efficiency as well the guys will custom develop and tweak the program to fit your needs, help me trough the smog cert in California as well. very happy with end result.

Perfet tune
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Paul06/11/2017 06:00AM

Purchased from: KERMATDI

Applying a tune to the wife's Jetta TDI wagon isn't glamorous, but it did save me from buying her a new car. Per request, her custom tune hit the mark, adding plenty of pep without a ton a of smoke. When the Q-Pro had trouble initially reading the stock tune off the ECU, support was prompt and effective. Full recommendation, from end to end.

Best service for all of your tdi needs!
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: KermaTDI05/10/2015 06:00AM

Purchased from: KERMATDI

I purchased the q-loader and had Charlie make a custom tune. My tdi golf hasn't ran better in ages. Would highly recomend and will be getting all of my hardware from kerma!

Fastest and Easiest Way to Tune your car!
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: KermaTDI07/22/2015 06:00AM

Purchased from: KERMATDI

This was my second Q-loader and loved it just as much as the first...Kerma was great to deal with and Charlie can tune your car to what you want, once you have this!
Strongly Recommend A++

Amazing Performance
  • Currently 4/5 Stars

Reviewed by: KermaTDI01/18/2016 07:00AM

Purchased from: KERMATDI

When people think engine performance, they usually think horsepower & torque numbers, not MPG numbers. In actuality, an efficient combustion cycle creates all of the above, and Charlie and the rest of the guys at Kerma TDI got it right! TheLoader

B5.5 Passat tune
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: KermaTDI01/19/2016 07:00AM

Purchased from: KERMATDI

So I've gone threw more cars then I care to share, but I've the used qloader several times before from other companies and my HP dosent like working a lot but Charlie was so helpful was amazing walked me right threw setting it up. Way easier than times before. Now for performance it really woke the car up acceleration off the line defiantly pulls, I'm not hesitant to pull out into traffic. The car really pulls all the way threw the rev band now vs before shifting under 3k to stay in torq band feels like whole new car. huge thanks to the guys at kermaTDI and highly recommend to anyone.

From TDI into a GTD
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: KermaTDI06/11/2016 06:00AM

Purchased from: KERMATDI

The loader works flawlessly. More importantly, the quality of the tune is TOP NOTCH. Yes, Kerma's questionnaire is tedious... but it's IMPORTANT. Not everyone's idea of a great tune is the same thing.

Just saying, "make it faster" is useless. I took time to explain how I use the care, what I wanted out of the tune, and guess what - that is EXACTLY what I got in the tune Kerma sent. (FWIW, there are other tuners who do great work, but you get what they make - stage 1, 2, or 3, with some description, but no others who let YOU provide input on what you want from the tune).

I'm a happy customer. I've bought a few other items from Kerma, and, after this experience, Kerma is my go-to for other mods/maintenance on my much loved Mk4 TDI.

Like a new car
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: KermaTDI10/09/2016 06:00AM

Purchased from: KERMATDI

The drivability went way up milage went way up and im not trying to do it im driving normal which means like a race car i still have the stock clutch so its pretty mild tune but what a difference and i have noticed zero clutch slip
Egr delete no more check engine light
The whole process once you get the modified tune back takes about 10 minutes
Ive tried other tuner modules like digi pd not as good i had problems with that
I would recommend this to anybody that wants a custom tune not just a one size fits all tune cant wait to get more mods done like turbo and nozzles and get the tune ramped up
Thanks kerma and charlie

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