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Turbocharger Outlet Hose [Gates] (Mk4 ALH)

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  • Product Description

    Mk4 (ALH only) Rubber Turbo Hose turbo outlet to intercooler
    Original part number is 1J0145828T

    this replaces the compressor outlet hose on later ALH cars with the flat pancake pipe, after approximately mid 2000 model year.

    2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Golf TDI with ALH, AHF, ATD, ASV engines
    2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Jetta TDI with ALH, AHF, ATD, ASV engines
    2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 New Beetle TDI with ALH, AHF, ATD, ASV engines

    For the DIY: this hose can also facilitate using a VNT1722 or 1726 in the 2004-2006 BEW engined cars. In that application, it connects the vnt compressor outlet to the plastic intercooler hose in place of the original s-shaped hose. (this is not the factory replacement part for a BEW, but might help someone out of a bind in certain circumstances. Call us for more details if you aren't sure if this applies in your instance)

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    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf;1999
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf;2000
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf;2001
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf;2002
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf;2003
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Jetta;1999
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Jetta;2000
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Jetta;2001
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Jetta;2002
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Jetta;2003
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;New Beetle;1998
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;New Beetle;1999
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2000
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2001
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2002
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2003