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The "Smart" actuator for turbo upgrades (PD100 BEW engine)

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  • Product Description

    Add the "smart" actuator to any of kermaTDI GARRETT based upgrade turbos, for use in the 2004 and newer North American PD100 motors with BEW engine.  This is the Actuator to use on a VNT 17, 17/22, or kerma K3 1856 turbo installed on a 2004 to 2006 New Beetle TDI, 2004 to 2006 Golf TDI, and 2004 to 2005 Jetta TDI

    Requires custom modification to fit a Borg Warner KP 39 factor turbo use on 2004 to 2006 New Beetle TDI, 2004 to 2006 Golf TDI, and 2004 to 2005 Jetta TDI. Modification to use on the borg-warner turbos requires few dollars in parts from the hardware store and modest fabrication skills. We can send some pictures and instructions that show how to do this with your order- requires very modest fab skills and a bit of patience, but significant cost savings over buying a complete new turbo.

    Will NOTfit 2005.5 , 2006, 2006.5 Jetta TDI With BRM Engine Code ... which has a Borg Warner BV 39 turbo with a reverse-acting actuator.

    Note: KERMA tuning can eliminate the need for the sensor, and bypass the associated check engine light- which allows using the slightly less expensive "dumb" actuator, which can be found HERE

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    1. Bew

      This is a nice working product on 26th Nov 2017

    2. Some modifications required for my car

      It fixed the issue. But it did need some custom making. It does work and was cheaper then a whole turbo. on 28th Aug 2017

    3. The product does what it says it does.

      Unfortunately, to be hit with sickening $30 + cross border brokerage fee and tax to Canada, which weren't mentioned upfront by Kermatdi was extremely disappointing. on 1st Apr 2017

    4. 04 jetta tdi

      it works great. I cut the nut out of the black extension (or buy a cable nut), cut the threads off the old rusted actuator . I added the threads to make it the right length. on 13th Mar 2016

    5. smart actuator replacement

      the replacement actuator you sent me is working great. I followed the instructions for modifing the mount and rod with a few twists of my own and the car is working better than before. I am not sure how long the old actuator was not working correctly but is was a while. Thanks for giving an alternitive to replaceing the whole turbo when you dont need one. on 26th Dec 2015

    6. Worked great!

      Had to modify to fit my Jetta TDI BEW but after adjusting car Engine light extinguished and car was working normal. on 30th Aug 2015

    7. O4 Jetta TDI smart actuator install

      Just like the web site says, with some patients and a trip to the hardware store, the actuator went right in. It's advised to have helper hand tools! Most important be safe! Make sure vehicle is stable and secure before going under car.

      Safety first!
      on 10th Jun 2015

    8. Saves $$$

      Worked just like they say. Was shipped quickly was easy to modify and install thanks for helping save our customer $$$$ on 29th Mar 2015

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    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2004
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2005
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2006
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2004
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2005
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2004
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2005
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2006