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-Sprinter tuning with Q-Pro

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  • Product Description

    The KermaWare Q Loader lets us send you updates over the internet.

    You can tune your car yourself, effortlessly, in a few minutes, without needing to remove the engine computer from the car.

    You can return to stock at any time, and we can send you additional files or updates over the internet.

    You can also carry 2 different performance tunes plus the stock tune on the Q Pro and switch tunes while on the road.

    We can reprogram your Sprinter's engine computer for more power and torque and/or improved fuel economy.

    Every program is individually personalized to best use for your car's modifications and according to your desired driving characteristics.

    We offer several options for delivery. Please contact us by phone or e-mail do discuss your preference.

    Please fill out this questionnaire about your car, found at the following link. It will help us customize the tune for your car and your driving style.Tuning Form [Please do not click on this link until you have purchased a tune and have an invoice number]

    Here's the link to download your Q-loader software and users guide:Q Loader Guides [Please click on this link after have purchased a tune and have an invoice number]

    Here's another way of describing the Q Loader:

    The Q Loader is a menu driven programmer that makes chip tuning easy, anytime, anywhere. It is a stand alone programmer the size of a paperback that holds the stock tune, and two performance tunes at any time and tunes through the On Board Diagnostic Port.

    It also reads and clears Diagnostic Troubleshooting Codes.

    We can send custom tunes and upgrade tunes at any time, free of charge in most cases. So this is perfect if you choose to start with a tune, and then add more mods later. We simply send you a new upgrade tune to reflect the new parts.

    Upgrade the clutch, (or torque converter) we can turn up the power to take advantage of it...upgrade the tune again when you get a turbo upgrade, or any another upgrade.

    We also can provide tunes for when other family members drive the vehicle, or you need a tune for winter driving conditions, a tune for max mpg or max power.

    And if you sell the car, and the ECU is restored to stock, your Q Loader can be used on the next vehicle - all you need to buy is a tune for a the new car and reuse the programmer. Please note the q-loader cannot be used on 2009+ vehicles which require the Q-Pro.

    And you can do it anytime, from anywhere there's a PC with internet access.

    Please feel to call us for more information at 1-877-KERMA TDI [ 1-877-537-6283 ] US/ Canada... or 1-407-782-3700 Internationally.

    Please Copy and Paste this link for the Q Loader guides  


    -- The Q Loader works on Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and ... Mac that can dual boot into Win XP or Win 7

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