Article on Cyber-Bullying

Article on Cyber-Bullying

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People are often told to read various anonymous attacks on kermaTDI or they search for info about kermaTDI and find these fraudulent cyber attacks

Did you ever wonder what is going on?  Welcome to the dirty tricks some ruthless people use on the internet to try to make a buck!

Let's start with an actual Customer Review:


Feb 12  Aparently there was some bad action going on with someone ripping Kerma off. I don't know too many details but the names on some of these posts are clearly forgeries used by other people trying to take Kerma down. I have been buying stuff from them for a couple of years & the service has been great. Right now I'm dealing with a hesitation problem. I installed injectors from Kerma & blew my timing belt litterally 5 miles later. Something had been rubbing on the inside edge of the belt causing it to fray & finally it went. Of course I never saw it, being under the cover. So anyway, I have this hesitation at cruising but I don't know if it's from the new injectors or something that happened from the timing belt/head replacement. So I called Paul & what's he doing? Sending me loaner injectors to swap in & see if the hesitation is cured. It's good service from a company that appreciates me as a customer. Just as I try to do with the customers in my business. If your reading this bad stuff & wondering if you should be worried, just give them a call & ask them about it. That's what i did.

Or forum posts from customers:
I hope this is in the right forum category...
So, I was browsing the forums a while back and came across a thread that seemed to only deal with how bad of customer service KERMA has. On the contrary, I have nothing but good things to say about KERMA. I purchased a Q-loader from them on 23rd of march, 2010. Their customer support and communication is great. They even called me back when I was too lazy to even leave a message for them. Their shipping time is also exceptional. I ordered on tuesday and got it on saturday I am 100% completely satisfied by my experience with this company, and wanted to give a shout out to them because of that other thread possibly damaging their reputation. Although I know the other thread has been resolved... the thread still exists and can be read. Right now I'm waiting for my tuned ECU file to come back, but there is no doubt in my mind it will be great. The whole process has been so simple.

Once again: Great job. I am extremely grateful.

So what is this page about?  It is about a cowardly business practice called CyberBullying..  slander and defamation or spreadings lies.

A brief introduction;   kermaTDI had the misfortune of trusting the wrong people... as a result kermaTDI was the victim of major theft and criminal acts.

When we initiated , and successfully pursued, legal action ; we were viciously attacked and harassed on various anonymous Russian hosted anonymous 'review' sites, and attacked in the most cowardly fashion .

[Some of these sites are and ..and they all want lots of money to take down the attacks...but then the attacks will reappear unless more money is paid.]

Cyber-Bullying accurately describes this despicable behavior. 

Why the Cyber-Bullying? deflect attention from their dishonest, criminal behavior... and to try to make some easy money building competing businesses with stolen money and stolen property. Greed can drive some people to do almost anything.


     There are various techniques that cyber bullies use to inflict emotional distress upon their target. Cyber-bullies often post false, hurtful rumors in public websites or forums in which other people are inclined to visit and read. The intention of the Cyber-Bully is to spread a humiliation and a mutual dislike for their victim. This humiliates and alienates the target amongst their peers and leaves them feeling emotionally damaged.


     Cyber-bullies also directly harass their target through emails and instant messaging. This direct form of cyber-bullying is more inclined to cause fear and paranoia in the victim as the threats are more direct as they are solely targeted towards the victim not an entire cyber community.

     Posting pictures over the Internet of the victim without their consent, often with embarassing captions and or editing is another common technique used by cyber-bullies to distress the victim.


     Cyber-bullies are also inclined to work together and essentially gang up against the victim. This technique is especially intimidating as it leaves the victim feeling especially isolated.


Cyber-Bullying as defined by Dr. Sameer Hinduja

    Cyber Bullies are often emboldened by the anonymity of the internet to say and/or post things that they would normally not say or do in person. This is because it is more difficult to raise ones voice against someone in person than it is to do so over the internet. It is much easier to type in a hurtful message into a computer screen and click on the Post button (in an internet forum for instance) than it is to cause and scene in public by bullying someone face to face. As a result, those who cyber-bully  need to not be larger or stronger or bolder than their targets. They only need to be mean spirited enough to click send or post after entering there message.


Here are Real Reviews :


Kerma's Customer Service

Im writing this to let everyone know what kind of customer service and quality Kermatdi has. When it comes to performance on VW's and many other makes they are the ones to turn too. I work on VW Tdi's day in and day out and install alot of their products. Not only are they top notch if there is a problem they take care or it right away. I couldnt be more happier. Even if you dont buy from them, they will still be happy to awnser any questions you have. I give Kerma a 10 out of a 10! Keep up the good work guys More...


Here is a phony review that has been posted hundreds of times since November 2008 on web sites hosted in Latvia and Russia. When we pursued legal action against individuals in 2008... they posted what appears to be multiple reviews, and pretended to be real people .

[Note the first false post is from  FredVoglmaier ...

In real life, Fred Voglmaier is not from Portland Oregon . Fred is the owner of a popular online forum... and , no, he did not post this. He is a victim too.

The date posted is helpful to identify that this is not many critical reviews, but a single fake review that has been posted over and over for 4 1/2 years.]



Review #: 227548
Posted by: FredVogl...
Portland, OR
Posted On: 2011-03-19
Total hits: 719


KERMATDI Complaint by FredVoglmaier




[ One Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]

I would suggest that you steer clear from these con artists posing as "Big time" industry leading vendors. They are actually operating this â??Big-Time Business" from a small home in Utah with an address of 185 W 1403N Tooele, UT 84074 (Copy & Paste it into Google Maps Street view) He also uses the fraudulent address of 1111 W 60 S Tooele, UT 84074 simply to dupe his vendors into thinking he runs an actual shop or retail sales type location. There have been many reports of "customers" actually driving to his house to conduct business which is in violation of Tooele city codes and regulations for what is registered as a "mail order" operation. BTW this is also in direct violation with his APR and many other Dealer agreements and he has been reported by other APR Dealers in the Salt Lake City area. In summary this is plain and simple fraud from a small time thief trying to pose as a "Big Time Industry Leader". This is not someone who's leadership you would want to follow.

He is in debt to the tune of well over 250, 000 dollars to his business creditors and has resorted to scamming his own dealers out of cash ( Aaron of is suing Charlie Migliorie A.K.A. "Kerma" for over 100, 000 dollars. Charlie has DESTROYED many VAG Diesel engines around the globe and uses bribes and intimidation tactics to hush his critics and hide his dirty little secrets. It is common knowledge among those who really know him that he is mentally unstable, and he has tried to take his own life through an overdose in illegal prescription drugs.



142 days ago by Textmonkey [send email] 0 Votes 

[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]

I bought a vnt20 turbo kit from Charlie and paid good money for it. The kit came incomplete with no instructions. It took almost a WEEK to get him on the phone! He finally sent me my parts and I had many many issues with poor fitting and low quality workmanship. I had to take the kit to a mechanic and they told me it was "junk" that was made by a rookie company. I refused to believe them because Kermatdi has such a great reputation so I paid them almost $1, 000.00 to put it on. After my initial test drive I noticed the boost was spiking dangerously high, again almost a FULL WEEK for Charlie to get back to me with his "don't worry about it" response. Well a week later my head gasket blew costing me $800.00 to have it repaired. I email Charlie with NO RESPONSE asking him to please do something about this radical tuning and never to this day have I gotten a response. 2 weeks after getting the head gasket repaired the turbo EXPLODED on the freeway and one of my connecting rods went through the engine block. I now have a lawsuit pending with kermatdi for $15.000 in damages and lost wages and my car is sitting at the repair shop.

106 days ago by David Harvey 0 Votes

[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]

Boy I wish I would have listened to the previous posters. Charlie (kerma) and Paul (vailpowder) took almost $1, 000.00 from me and never sent me any parts. I have contacted the Utah and Colorado State police. They are not going to get away with this. Class Action Lawsuit?

94 days ago by Sootdude 0 Votes

[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]

I also would recommend staying away from KermaTDI. I got an Aligator chip from them for my 2005 TDI and two weeks later my turbo blew. Mild tune Charlie said when I got it and said no way it would mess up my turbo. The car was otherwise stock. He has refused to refund my money and Paul has also been avoiding me as well. They have both stopped replying to my emails. Very poor customer service. I filed a complaint with the BBB and with the UT attorney general. Avoid Charlie and Paul if you care about your car and don't want to get ripped off by these "con artists", as the original poster stated.

92 days ago by global innovations 0 Votes

[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]

I have seen & heard about many similar events occurring with KermaTDI as far as products/service.

My main complaint however, is my experiences I've had doing business with them as a fellow vendor. Paul is EXTREMELY cut throat and a con artist. I have made the mistake of trusting them with design ideas that Paul approached me to add to his line up when in reality he just wanted to copy my designs and steal the whole project from under me. I should of known better after I have listened to him plot the same thing with other vendors & their products. One I know now is Aligator. Just FYI for the post above, KermaTDI has not installed any actual Aligator tuning for the last 3 years. Of course now that I have decided not to allow them to carry any of my products they resort to slandering my products to every customer they have. I really wish I had not developed any kind of business relationship with them in the first place now

[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]

DO NOT BUY FROM KERMATDI,, Charlie Migliorie, Paul Maloney or anyone affiliated with them!! I ended up purchasing a VNT 17 turbocharger from them which was â??BRAND NEWâ?? and a Kerma Q loader. I received the turbocharger, and come to find out it was a REBUILT turbocharger. Not only that, it was a STOCK VNT 15 and they machined the numbers off. Iâ??m no fool, so I took it to a turbo shop near my place and they confirmed that it was rebuilt. I confronted Charlie and he said that â??thatâ??s the way it comes from Garrettâ??. I paid for a NEW turbo and had to pay a core fee as well! When I asked why I had to pay a core fee for a â??NEWâ?? turbo, Charlie told me that itâ??s normal with turbochargers because Garrett requires a core to be returned. I paid the 250 bucks, and he ended up saying my turbo was bad! I ended up not getting my core fee and he kept my good used turbo! Probably cleaned it up, machined the numbers off and sold it to someone else! My car ran perfect before buying the â??VNT 17â?? from KERMATDI.

Not only this, but Charlie talked me into buying a KERMA Q Loader for my 1999.5 TDI. I received the Q loader along with the correct programming, all goes well until I tried to use the Q loader on my car. I call him back up and try to get some help, thinking I am doing something wrong. We get down to the problem and he said â??I thought your car was a 2000 TDI, it doesnâ??t work for a 1999.5â??. I was a little miffed about the situation, but he said to send it back. I sent the Q loader back and he said that itâ??s not usable anymore because my cars VIN number is locked into the Q Loader! He said he couldnâ??t refund me for the Q Loader but could give me the tuning only. WHAT THE HECK! First, he said it would work with my car, then he says it doesnâ??t work for my car, then tells me to send it back, and now he tells me I canâ??t get a refund because my carâ??s VIN is locked into the loader???! How can my VIN be locked into the loader if my car is not compatible! He said I need to send my ECU into him for a tune, I told him HECK NO I WONâ??T send anything in, just refund me the cost of the tuning at least. He wonâ??t even refund the price of a tuning! Now come to find out I wouldnâ??t even be getting an ALLIGATOR tuning like I wanted! I ended up selling the rebuilt turbo, bought a turbo from another vendor, and have not gotten a tuning. This has really put a bad taste in my mouth, Iâ??m surprised so many people have put up with his business practices! Iâ??m sad, yet thankful that Iâ??m not the only one that has had a bad experience with KERMATDI. We need to stand up for the TDI community and get rid of the SCUM!

29 days ago by jsfromin 0 Votes

[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]
Well I believe you can add my name to the list of victims and also might want to steer clear of Kermatdi. They are listed at the same address as the one posted above. I purchased a turbo for my TDI last fall after the factory one failed. The VNT-18 I purchased from started making some funny noises within a few thousand miles. So I contacted Kerma, the owner and he sounded very sincere and honest about wanting to take care of my problem. I pulled my turbo and sent it back to him for repair. I talked to him the day after he received it and he said he would get it repaired and back out to me the next day. Well that was almost two months ago... now here I am without my car and looking at having to buy yet another turbo just to get my car back on the road. He won't answer any of my calls or emails. There has been no communication as to the status of my turbo.. never once has the topic of me needing to pay for any of the repairs or anything come up..

So what is a guy to do? Do I report it stolen and show proof that he has it? Just to get my parts back?

I would suggest staying clear of Kerma TDI.

10 days ago by TDIFRED 0 Votes

[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]
Obviously the member "conserned TDI owner" is either a pawn asked to post here or none other than Paul or Charlie posting here themselves in an absolutely LAME attempt at discrediting Aaron of You can go to to see just some of Aaron's AKA: Bleached Bora AKA: feedback for yourself.

As the original poster stated in the beginning of this post... "Conserned TDI Owner" AKA: Charlie Migliorie even further further shows the lengths that and it's cronies will go to at smearing their competitors and trying to hide their dirty little secrets. Not to mention Charlie stealing tuning files and the name "Gator Tuned" from Mark of



8 days ago by TDI09 0 Votes

[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]
It's been a long time since I've ordered from Kerma TDI - and for good reason. In fact i can most assuredly say I will never order from this "smooth talker" again! last time I talked to him on the phone he did his best to assure me the part I received was the part "I needed." However, it wasn't what I ordered - plain and simple!! I didn't pay good money to receive something I didn't order (simply because it wasn't in stock or he wanted to sell me an inferior part for a higher profit)!! Upon reading the many complaints here, I highly doubt this man will stay in business much longer. He is a criminal. Plain and simple.

i hadn't planned on posting anything myself (as my complaints are similar to those already made), until I read the remarks listed about "Aaron from Kerma." It's clear that people are VERY misunderstood about Aaron's situation. the guy was formerly partnered up with Kerma, until Paul literally stole thousands of dollars worth of product from him AND charged thousands of dollars on his business card, with many false promises that he would be repaid. I've talked to many people who verify this. i'm sure Paul is claiming the exact opposite to cover up his misdealings. that is why I have to speak up and say that whatever you've experienced with Aaron in regard to Kerma has probably been tainted by paul's description of things. People, this is the Kerma complaint board - Let's stay on topic. Aaron owns a great company called Bora parts. He treats his customers with respect and honesty. he has connections with some excellent vendors around the world, and he can get you quality products at a great price. He will NOT attempt to send you a part you did not order, or steal away your money, or anything else Kerma is capable of. Aaron is not in any way connected to Kerma - other than the fact he was screwed over by Paul "Baloney!" EVERYONE I have been talking to lately has been singing Aaron's praises - many of whom have ordered from him for years now. From what I can tell, he has handled the history with Kerma very well - I applaud that. I also read a recent article in Top Gear magazine... Guess who supplied the parts for a recent TDI project for them??!! Aaron from Bora Parts. Apparently they did significant research to find the right, reputable business to order from. I think that pretty much says it all.

Note: I have no connection with Bora parts, or any parts company for that matter (I have enough occupying my time as it is)... But I am an avid TDI enthusiast, and I want the TRUTH to be known so we can all receive great parts - and avoid falling victim to fraud. Thanks for reading!


5 days ago by dubman4life 0 Votes

[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]
The Single Mass Flywheel for an early VR6 engine is Part # 021 105 269 B. The Flywheel for a 4-Cyl Supercharged G60 engine is 028 105 269 B. It is very true that the Clutch disk and pressure plate are interchangeable between these 2 engines, however the flywheel absolutely cannot interchange because it has a completely differrent bolt pattern where it attaches to the crankshaft.

Regaurdless of these facts, Kerma refused to honor any kind of warranty or return policy. This alone tells me to stay as far away from that company as possible!

4 days ago by Tornado Red 0 Votes

[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]
About Aaron: my impression is that he's a good salesman who is informed about what he sells and will try to steer people toward the best product that will meet their needs.

Also, when he travels several hundred miles to a GTG with a carload of products, his goal is sell as much as he can and not take anything back with him. He has two bases of operation: Salt Lake City and Portland OR. For him to travel to Sacramento or the Bay Area is a major project -- he has to bring along what people have pre-ordered and he has to figure out what people will buy if he shows up with it. His website has a great selection of products, whether you want the best that money will buy or just something affordable that will do the job adequately.

He is not in the used-car business, so if he sold a car it was one that he owned. If he posted it for sale on then I suspect he revealed the good and bad about it. If it was one he owned then it was probably a pretty good car, properly maintained and in good condition. He's not a mechanic but he is friends with some very good mechanics, and if you were at that GTG then you probably had an opportunity to meet them.

I'm one of Aaron's satisfied customers. I bought some Akebono ceramic brake pads because he recommended them, and I've been extremely happy with them ever since -- that was almost two years and 75k miles ago. I also bought some Recaro seats from him -- I traveled from San Diego to Sacramento and he traveled from Portland to deliver them, then he helped me install them for which I was extremely grateful.

3 days ago by Justice Student 0 Votes

[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]
Lately there have been multiple cases of Identity theft surfacing from Kermatdi. Please be warned that if you have given Kermatdi a creditcard # you may want to change that card immediately. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD # TO KERMATDI UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

3 days ago by jason03tdigolf 0 Votes

[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]
I have a friend who has filed charges against Paul Maloney for using his credit information without his permission. Kermatdi settled out of court for an unknown amount, but if he did not pay close attention to his credit card statement it would have gone unnoticed. I also see that Kermatdi is trying to steal Aligators identity in a different way:
[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]
These guys have some real class don't they :( I know Charlie is mentally unstable & everything but, talk about Delusions of Grandeur. They are really showing their true colors now too me & I believe more now of the claims that are made against them.

3 days ago by Philly TDI family 0 Votes

[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]
I have to say that I also know of someone who has recently had their credit card information used fraudulently by KERMAtdi. I highly recommend that anyone who has given them their credit card to also turn off that card ASAP.

Kermatdi absolutely disgust me with the way they justify their behaviors when caught red-handed stealing from my family. They are VERY slick and seem to have had much prior experiance as identity theifs.

Anyone who gives them money for anything after reading this is only furthering their nasty, pathetic existence while taking the risk of being victimized.

They are extremely desperate and will stop at nothing right now because their business is in jeopardy. If you see anything fishy on your credit card statements please act immediately. The process of reclaiming the money has been longer than expected and the more reports that come in the more it may improve everyone's chances with their case.

1 days ago by TDIgirl 0 Votes

I just got off the phone today with Paul from KERMAtdi. I saw this posting earlier thank goodness. Paul was desperately trying to close the sale and repeatedly was asking for my credit card information.

I began to understand what those under age girls feel like on date line when being pursued by a pedophile/child molester because this is what I felt like while I was talking to Paul on the phone.

Thanks for those who have put the energy into posting this because I listened to my gut and decided to go elsewhere.

Talking bad about Aaron from Bora parts and Peter from TDI parts did not sway me in the way it was intended either. I will be buying my parts from them now on.

15 hours 13 minutes ago by jsrmonster +1 Votes

[ This is still just one Anonymous Cyberbully Review made to look like multiple reviews ]
Lets just face it, I don't know how much of your junk I have thrown away over the years but none of the crap you sell has ever gotten any better. Your tunes are crap, your nozzles are junk, even your attitude is a let down. You have ripped off just about every vendor that is *** enough to associate with you. Even Aligator gave you the boot which was the only reason you were on the map in the first place. How *** do you really think people are? One only has to go to the tdi club and search to see how much of a let down your existence has been for that community. I don't know where you found that Paul guy, but you were doing better before you did. With those hiked up cacky cargo pants you love so much I'm not surprised that guy gives it to you in the rear also.

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