-VW TDI ECU tuning A3/B4

-VW TDI ECU tuning A3/B4

Price: $350.00
Detailed Description
This is a personalized upgrade chip for your early 90 hp TDI cars with socketed engine computer and the 1Z and AHU motors. Each chip is tailored to your individual car's mods and desired smoke and driving characteristics.

These cars include:
'96-97 Passat TDI with 1Z or AHU motor
'97-98 Jetta TDI with AHU motor

This is an easy do-it-yourself install that can be done with common hand tools following instructions we will provide with your chips.

Each tuning file is unique and written for your engine by kerma's tuning department.. Please follow your order with an e-mail or phone call describing your mods, preferred driving characteristics, and acceptable smoke level, so we can personalize your tuning file. If you need help finding the ECU number or have any other questions, we can be reached by following the "contact us" link shown above.

We offer several options for delivery. Please contact us by phone or e-mail do discuss your preference. We can determine if your ECU is already socketed.

Some European ECU versions are not socketed from the factory, which may require sending us your engine computer for socketing. ($75 fee) Chip installation requires opening the ECU to physically access the chip, and we have a good DIY guide on removing your ECU and swapping chips, this makes the job super easy! Tuning Form [Please do not click on this link until you have purchased a tune and have an invoice number]


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