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Auto-Rx® stops seal leaks and renews seals.

Auto-Rx® provides residual lubricity because the cleaned components allow polar bonding of motor oil to components.

Auto-Rx® results in decreased emissions because the ring pack is cleaned and the valves seal better.

Auto-Rx® rejuvenates seals and swell, with decreased or eliminated leaks.

Auto-Rx® restores the vehicle to maximum efficiency.

Auto-Rx® decreases oil consumption.

Auto-Rx® saves turbo bearings by cleaning high-temperature carbon deposits.

Auto-Rx® replaces the need for oil additives and solvent flushes.

Auto-Rx® enables the motor oil to lubricate parts more effectively.

Basic instructions are intended for vehicles that are in good condition with less than 100,000 miles. Notes on what to expect from Auto-Rx®

Step 1 - See notes on choosing an engine oil for use with Auto-Rx®. It is preferable to use conventional (Group III) motor oil for this application. If your engine has a supercharger, turbocharger or the manufacturer recommends that you only use synthetic motor oil please choose a Group III motor oil to avoid competing chemistry

Step 2 - Change oil and filter. Add one 12 oz. bottle of Auto-Rx®.

Step 3 Clean Phase - Drive 2,500 miles

Step 4 - Change oil and filter. Do not add any other product or additional Auto-Rx®.

Step 5 - Rinse Phase - Drive 3,000 miles.

Step 6 -Change oil and filter

Please note: Vehicles with over 100,000 miles may require a second application. For second application, simply repeat steps 1 through 6
Auto-Rx® Maintenance Plan

It is strongly recommended that you begin an Auto-Rx Maintenance Plan following your particular Auto-rx® application. This will ensure a clean motor and continued performance. Simply add three fluid ounces of Auto-Rx® with each oil change, and you will never have to clean your engine again.


How Auto-Rx® Works


The result of many years of relentless testing, Auto-Rx's® breakthrough formulation can start saving you time, money, and stress the second you begin using it in your car! Auto-Rx®is a specially formulated, all-natural metal cleaner designed to thoroughly clean the internals of your engine (US Patent #6,544,349).

Did you know that 95% of vehicle problems are caused by the build-up of such contaminants as carbon, sludge, dirt, and third-party abrasives in your engine? These contaminants, combined with engine oil and heat from your engine, create uneven hot spots and extremely harmful by-products. The contamination process has already begun within the first 25,000 miles of your engine's life. Here's how engine damage progresses in your vehicle:

As your engine runs, it generates extreme heat. These high temperatures actually change the components of your engine oil, breaking it down into a residue that remains on every part of your engine, including non-metal parts such as seals. But residue isn't the only thing that heat and oil can create; harmful by-products such as sludge, varnish, and sulphur also come into play, and as soon as they combine with condensation and airborne pollutants (dirt, soot, industrial ash, etc.), contamination build-up is created.

Auto-Rx®acts slowly and safely to dissolve these contaminants while maintaining the host oil chemistry. Auto-Rx® liquefies the sludge, carbon, and other debris in your engine while you drive and prevents clogs in the flow of the oil. Auto-Rx® uses your oil to get into every nook and cranny of your engine. Just pour Auto-Rx® into the crankcase and drive your vehicle as normal! Auto-Rx® works as you drive.

Before purchase, please refer to the detailed instructions on using Auto-Rx® available here. And for even more ways this amazing product works, please visit the transmission and the motorcycle sections of our website here, as well as the section on correcting seal leaks.

Auto-Rx® cleans engine internals, transmissions, power steering, and differentials, stops seal leaks, and takes care of heavy oil burning. If your engine or transmission needs internal cleaning or you need to stop a leak, you have come to the right place. WE ARE THE EXPERTS!

Auto-Rx® is a clean-as-you-drive product. Auto-Rx® is added to the host motor oil and slowly dissolves contaminants from ring packs, cam lobes, and other high-friction areas.

Slow methodical cleaning is the desired cleaning mode, unlike old solvent technology that can chunk off contamination deposits (dangerous), and severely impact polymer seal materials. Auto-Rx® is compatible with all lubricating oils, "dino" (conventional), Group III, semi-synthetic, and full synthetics and does not alter your host oil in any way. We urge customers to use conventional or Group III oil for best results during rinse mode.

Auto-Rx® is made up of three ester groups. The lanolin ester is the main cleaning agent. Its function is to impregnate the surface of varnish and cooked up deposits. The second is an aliphatic ester. Its function is to provide for better film forming of the host oil, eliminating the potential of dry spots in the oiling system, during the cleaning process. This component is also very resistant to oxidation and is a supplement to the host oil while the contamination is being removed and deposited to the filtration media. The last ester is a biodegradable, polyol ester, which provides extra, extreme pressure capability to the host oil. Utilizing heat, pressure, and flow generated within the oiling system, Auto-Rx® safely and effectively dissolves deposits. Deposits form slowly over time; they should be cleaned slowly and methodically, as well.

The ester combination provides polarity to the host oil, giving the lubricant an attraction to metal surfaces, reclaiming these surfaces from the contamination. Lubricating oils perform well in clean working conditions. Lubricating oils can either lubricate or clean. They cannot do both well. Detergents in motor oils are added to try and maintain a clean system. They do little to nothing on deposits that have already formed.

Auto-Rx® also cleans deposits from beneath rotational seals, causing no swelling or degradation to the polymer seal material. Auto-Rx® can effectively slow or stop rotational seal leaks in many cases.

Auto-Rx® is designed to safely turn back the clock on lubrication system contamination. Periodic use of Auto-Rx® will reduce wear and maintain peak performance by keeping a clean oiling system.

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