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Sachs SRE clutch & flywheel kit for 02Q 6-speed manual

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    Sachs Race Engineering performance clutch kit for all North American spec '09-'15 Golf/Jetta/Beetle/Passat/JSW/GSW 140/150hp 2.0l TDI equipped with 6-speed manual transmission.

    - Rated for 390ftlbs
    - Perfect solution for chip-tuned cars
    - Will not sacrifice street manners
    - Zero gearbox chatter associated with single mass conversions
    - Slightly increased pedal effort & clamp load
    - Un-damped organic clutch disc with increased metal content w/ higher coefficient of friction
    - LUK dual mass flywheel
    - Pressure plate and flywheel bolts
    - release bearing/slave cylinder assembly

    Note: This clutch kit is for the 02Q transmission family. It is not compatible with 02M 6-speeds or 5-speeds.


    Kit Includes

    qty 1 - pressure plate
    qty 1 - clutch disc
    qty 1 - flywheel
    qty 1 - release bearing
    qty 6 - flywheel to crankshaft bolt
    qty 6 - pressure plate to flywheel bolt


    DIY Instructions click HERE (mk5 shown, mk6 is similar with the exception of the 6 speed transmission)

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    CAR APPLICATION: Audi;A3 TDI (8P);2009
    CAR APPLICATION: Audi;A3 TDI (8P);2010
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