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Replacement BRM camshaft- aftermarket

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  • Product Description

    This is an inexpensive aftermarket camshaft, which is marketed as a direct replacement for a worn out original part.

    This camshaft will fit all the European EDC-16 pumpe duse cars with DPF, and also the EDC-16 USA/Canada PD, which include 2005.5 thru 2006.6 Jettas with the BRM engine. It is marketed as a replacement part for OEM part number 038109101AH

    This is the exact same "budget" camshaft seen on various websites. The low price makes it seem a tempting alternative to Genuine OEM cams for those folks needing an inexpensive replacement part, but we much prefer our Colt Cam Billet Camshafts backed by one of the best warranties available!

    If you are considering a low cost 'OEM' PD cam and install kit, our price for the camshaft and install kit is lower than you will find anywhere.

    Always ask about the warranty! The warranty is your assurance against paying for another defective part. No one wants to pay twice for the same part along with the labor cost to install.

    This cam is sold with manufacturer's warranty, only. We recommend inspection at least every 10,000 miles or every oil change.

    Our basic Cam install parts kit includes:


    Part number


    (8 each)

     038 109 309 C

    Black Cam followers

    (10 each)

     038 103 673 B GLB

    Cam bearing shells

    (10 each)

     038 103 714

    Bearing journal cap bolts M6X54

    (8 each)

     038 103 714 A

    Injector rocker bolts M8X90

    (1 each)

     038 145 215

    OEM Tandem pump gasket

    (1 each)

    038 103 085C

    PTFE Camseal

    (4oz bottle)


    Cam Assembly Lube

    (4oz bottle)


    ZDD Plus Zinc Oil Additive




    Deluxe Cam change kit adds the parts from our deluxe timing belt kit: (Additional $731) – Includes Basic Install


    Part number


    (1 each)

    038 109 119P

    Gates Timing Belt (T333)

    (1 each)

    038 109 243M

    Timing Belt Tensioner

    (1 each)

    038 109 244J

    Timing Belt Idler/Relay Roller

    (1 each)

    03G 903 137B

    Serpentine Belt (6PK1050)

    (1 each)

    045 121 011F

    Water Pump with metal impeller


    038 109 454A

    8mm lock nut for Tensioner

    (1 each)

    N 015 083 15

    8mm lock nut for Idler/Relay Roller

    (1 each)

    N 905 969 06

    Small Motor Mount bolt

    (1 each)

    N 910 296 02

    Small Motor Mount bolt with stud

    (2 each)

    N 105 524 01

    Larger Motor Mount bolts

    (1 each)

    N 106 558 02

    Bracket to Block Bolt (Full Thread)

    (1 each)

    N 106 666 01

    Bracket to Block- Shouldered Bolt (Longest Bolt)

    (1.5 Liter)






    Bonus! Oil change kit and filter pack with deluxe kit!


    Part number


    (5 Liters)


    Liqui Moly Diesel High Tech 5W40 (505.01 / 505.00)

    (1 each)


    Oil Filter

    (1 each)


    Cabin Filter

    (1 each)


    Air filter with pre-filter

    (1 each)


    2- hole early Fuel Filter (please indicate in Special Instructions)

    Or (1 each)


    1- hole early Fuel Filter (please indicate in Special Instructions)

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    1. Great product wish I would have bought the stage 2 billit

      Great product oem quailty on 27th Mar 2015