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Pumpe Duse Intake Hose/Manifold Connection Fix (BEW) (BHW) -

Pumpe Duse Intake Hose/Manifold Connection Fix (BEW) (BHW)

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    This device, nicknamed the Doggie Collar by its inventor, replaces the factory clip that connects the intake hose to the intake manifold on Pumpe Duse Engines. It is not uncommon for the clips, or hose barbs to wear, causing a boost leak and loss of power. Usually this power loss is accompanied by an increase in smoke seen from the exhaust.

    The kit consists of a plate, spacers, and long bolts, and can be installed in about 10 minutes. Also fits some Mk5 model cars where intake tube from the intercooler meets up with the intake manifold.

    Now includes new Viton O ring

    This device replaces the factory clip that connects the intake hose to the intake manifold on Pumpe Duse Engines. Kit consists of a plate, spacers, long bolts and can be installed in about 10 minutes.

    Installation instructions:

    Tools needed:

    - 10 mm Open End Wrench or 10 mm Socket


    After removing intake hose to intake manifold connection, replace existing O-Ring with New and Improved Viton O-Ring, which creates a better seal than the factory one. The plate is not symmetrical so line up the KermaTDI logo towards the passenger side of the vehicle. Remove both bolts (possibly retainer wire). Install bolt, washer and spacer in the bottom hole and get it started. Do the same with the top hole and tighten it to about 10 NM. The threads may stick out a bit on the back side.


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    1. Great product! Easy fix!

      Installs in a jiffy, even outside at 10 deg. Only problem o-ring needs to be warmed up a bit to stretch over fitting. All BEW engines need this, no more worries about whether the coupling is leaking and when to replace it. on 25th Jan 2016

    2. Genius

      My boost hose apparently was missing the O-ring and was leaking oil everywhere. Now with the new improved O-ring it is sealed tight and nothing leaks out. (Catch Can in the future) Pretty simple to install, I only used a 10mm wrench and a deep well socket. Will need a hex bolt to remove the existing bolts, wanna say size 6mm. Looks great, I did sand the logo some as it was very sharp from the cut isn't necessary though; will probably polish it in the future anyway. Since install I have noticed improvements with hills and during acceleration from dead stop. Hope this all helps on 12th Dec 2015

    3. Solved the problem and easy to install.

      After having trouble with my TDI, I was dismayed to realize I had a $100+ problem on my hands when I stumble onto a TDI forum and hear about this product. It arrived in just a couple of days, was easy to install and saved me a lot of money- I don't know how it gets any better than this. on 20th Sep 2015

    4. Worked well

      The previous owner of my car made a rig to keep the hose on that looked trashy. I thought this was the cure to my limp mode problems but it wasn't. Very nice part though. Will be buying from kerma again. on 16th Aug 2015

    5. It works very well

      The kit is the only one I have seen which works perfectly on 23rd Jun 2015

    6. Genius

      Two bolts. on 22nd Jun 2015

    7. Love this product!

      I bought this part because the tab on the hose had broken so the hose was hanging out. The turbo had no power. I purchased this piece and it worked like a charm. Perfect fit and easy to install. Anyone with a TDI Jetta should have one of these for whan your hose will no longer stay in. on 5th Jun 2015

    8. An elegant fix

      My 2004 Jetta TDI forcefully expelled the intake hose to the manifold due to worn out retaining nibs (common problem in this year). The engine went into "limp" mode with subsequent loss of power and lots of smoking. You fear for the worst but this kit fixed it in 10 minutes and you have a better seal! Amazing. on 2nd May 2015

    9. Highly reccomended

      Product came within a week from ordering, build quality was awesome with a good explanation on how to install. Also came with a new tighter sealing O-ring which impressed me! Will definitely buy more products from Kerma after seeing the quality and ease of installation on 17th Apr 2015

    10. Great fix

      Great fix to an inevitable problem. Cheap and easy to install. Got all of my power back within a matter of minutes. on 17th Apr 2015

    11. Great fix

      Great fix to an inevitable problem. Cheap and easy to install. Got all of my power back within a matter of minutes. on 17th Apr 2015

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