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Osiris Skid Plate Kit For 2011-2014Jetta Sedan TDI and 2012-2014 Beetle TDI Only

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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    This Kit Includes:

    1 Osiris Aluminum Skid Plate.

    1 Osiris 2011-Current Jetta Sedan TDI Hardware Kit, containing:

    • 2 Blue, Steel Osiris Side Brackets.
    • 1 Osiris Rivet Nut Installation Tool.
    • 1 Osiris 2011-Current Jetta Sedan TDI Bolt Kit.

    2011-2014 Jetta Sedan TDI Engine Only
    2012-2014 Beetle TDI Only


    Volkswagen's oil pans are made of a paper-thin cast aluminum that is easily cracked by many objects such as road debris, manhole covers and speed bumps. While your car may be at stock height, there is only approximately 4 inches of ground clearance with your oil pan. If you are lowered from stock height, there is very little room for error when negotiating an object in your path. Here is some information on this Evolution Aluminum Skid Plate for those of you that haven't seen it before.

        •    The plate is 5052 grade aluminum and is 4.8mm (.191 inches) thick.
        •    Smooth Finish.
        •    Protects your cars oil pan, a/c pump, radiator, transmission and sub frame.
        •    Bolts to pre-existing holes in your frame.
        •    Never rusts.
        •    Weighs 16.6 pounds (20.2 including hardware).
        •    Maximum amount of ground clearance possible provided.
        •    Tested in the Northern Canada winter with -40C weather.
        •    Less then one hour to install.
        •    The most user friendly rivet-nut installation tool comes with every kit.
        •    Can be installed with or without your stock plastic skid plate.
        •    An oil drain hole that is 98% cut out for TDI only. Finish the cut and you will have an oil drain hole in the skid plate.
        •    A detailed easy to follow, step by step guide is only located on our website and not in the kit. The Install Guide for your kit is: Osiris 2011-Current Jetta Sedan TDI Install Guide
        •    Shipped to your door step in a box as a complete kit. No other attachments need to be purchased.
        •    Draft/Design by: EVOLUTION IMPORT INC.
        •    CNC Machine Manufactured for precision guaranteeing a perfect fit.

    Oil Changes: We make it easy for you. If you don't want to remove the skid plate at every oil change, we have provided every skid plate with an oil drain hole that is 98% cut out for TDI diesel engine only. Finish the cut and you will have an oil drain hole in the skid plate. A jig saw or hack saw blade is your easiest method of finishing the cut. For the TDI diesel cars that use the plastic skid plate in conjunction with the aluminum skid plate, you will need to cut a hole in the plastic skid plate as well, in the same location. However removal of the skid plate for oil changes is very quick and easy taking 1-2 minutes. Only the bottom 5 bolts need to be removed and the skid plate drops right down and off of your VW.

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