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New Skid Plate Oil Drain Cover -

New Skid Plate Oil Drain Cover

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    This is a removable Hexagon cover that covers the oil hole on your Atlas Skid Plate. Here are some of the features of this cover:Uses two 10mm counter sunk bolts to attach to the skid plate.Designed so the bolt heads don't hang down to protect them from impacts.Made of the same 5052 grade aluminum as your skid plate.Doesn't allow anything into the oil hole anymore.(Snow, Rocks ect)The cover fits flush with the rest of the skid plate.Allows quick and easy access to your oil drain plug by only removing one bolt.Works with the Atlas Skid Plates w/Hex Oil Hole sold from Feb, 2006.Will require two .7" holes to be drilled into your skid plate to attach the cover.Draft/Design by: Evolution Import IncCNC Machine ManufacturedPlease note that you do not need to purchase this item when purchasing the Atlas Skid Plate w/oil Cover as this is included with that skid plate. This item is only if you already own one of our previous Atlas Skid Plates and would like to cover the hole

    Draft/Design by: Evolution Import IncCNC Machine Manufactured

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    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2001
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