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    New Q PRO+ is now SHIPPING!!

    Tuning and soon to release DSG tuning all in one package with the Q PRO+


    Flash Tuning available for the 2015/16 2.0L 4-cylinder diesel engine Golf, Sportwagen, Jetta, Passat Beetle and Audi A3. We are offering the tuning with our Q Loader Pro+ Module (Q-Pro+) for the price of $649.


    more than +50whp and +100lb-ft on the dyno with the new update stage 1+


    users are reporting improved MPGs up to 10% 


    Great tuning is the foundation of our philosophy of seamless, cost effective upgrades.

    KermaTDI takes a systems analysis approach to our tuning, rather than follow conventional wisdom or percentages, we look for possible gains in every aspect of the given hardware set and engineer your tune based on the respective capacities of each piece of hardware.
    In return you get a custom file that is appropriate for your vehicle.


    The Q PRO for 2015/16 VW/AUDI 2.0 includes the module and tune for $649 and updates are free once they become available (We do not up-sell stage tunes we actually give them to you for Free).

    New Stage 1 Tune DYNO:

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    2015/16  Golf, Jetta, Beetle, Sportwagen, Passat and Audi A3


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    1. Exactly what the car needed

      This is a fantastic tune. Support was excellent and tune 1+ flashed without a hitch. Car is so much more responsive now and you can feel the extra power. I average about 3 extra miles a gallon in city and an average of 6+ on highway. Absolute must purchase this tune as soon as you can. on 22nd Mar 2018

    2. GTD-esque?

      Technically, a tune is a "luxury purchase" - but after installing the Stage 1+, it feels like an absolute necessity. pre-tune, the car got us from point A to point B and that's about it. a sweet spot could be found in manual mode between 2nd & 3rd going up a curvy incline. after-tune, the family wagon is for all intents and purposes a proper sports car. seriously, i knew it'd be an improvement, but S mode (not to mention manual) with this tune is an absolute gas! it pulls like a little beast off the line to the point that my co-pilot gets queasy.
      D mode is vastly improved as well, although i've barely used it yet since S mode is so fun. the DSG shift points are way more logical from a performance standpoint - makes you wonder what the DSG tune will bring to the party. GTD-esque, perhaps?
      just be prepared to adjust your tire budget accordingly. Interstate onramps will feel the wrath!
      on 19th Mar 2018

    3. STOCK SUCKS - This should have been the factory tune!

      Initial mileage indicators are showing an improvement (2-4 mpg in town). Haven't had the chance to drive on the freeway yet. The flat spot right off the line is gone which was VERY annoying! Between 1800 and 3800 rpms the car pulls like a freight train. Even my gear head friend mentioned how hard it pulled. I routinely catch myself going way faster than the posted speed limit - not recommended. The service from Kerma was great. Charlie M. provided excellent advice, feedback and support. I have friends who drive turbo gassers and they are envious of how great my 2015 Golf performs - all that power from a small four banger plus I'm getting over 50 mpg. Makes them green with envy. This tuner is definitely worth the money! On wet roads, the car easily broke the tires loose - I did that on accident while passing another vehicle. I don't recommend tearing your car up just because you have the power. Sad that the Govt has so much authority over the performance of the cars we spend so much money on. Like my Cummins - de-tuned to the point of having dangerously poor acceleration - a legitimate safety issue. I fixed that problem as well. The Kerma tuner finally lets the engine "breathe" the way it was designed to. Stop procrastinating and buy this tuner!!! on 3rd Mar 2018

    4. Finally - some power

      I owned and sold back a 2009 TDI Jetta and purchased a 2015 TDI Passat. My wife's first comment was, it has no power like the Jetta. Trust me when I tell you she drives slow and I had to do something to fix it. KermaTDI Stage 1+ is what I'm running now and it's perfect. I really don't beat on the car hard, so the restrictions of the Stage 1+ are not a factor. I drop into Sport mode and mash the pedal and I can pin my kids heads back. They love it and ask for G-Force all the time. Car still has warranty and I love the fact I can re-flash the original program if I need to bring it into the shop. on 28th Feb 2018

    5. Great "Wake-Up" for the GSW 2.0 TDI

      I've driven a few hundred miles with this new Stage 1 tune installed, and I am extremely impressed. My car is a '15 Golf Sportwagen with a manual transmission, and is otherwise mechanically stock. Before the tune, the car always felt "lazy". Sure, when you hit the throttle in the sweet spot of boost, it was always fun -- but with the tune, the car seems to be in that sweet spot a lot more often. It is a change that is noticed right away... the car pulls hard and is an absolute blast to drive. I have observed zero downsides to the tune -- it's all goodness. Highly recommended for any owner of an EA288. The software and hardware interfaces are also easy and fast to use, and the quality and quickness of customer support from Kerma has been outstanding. on 3rd Feb 2018

    6. more torque, more power, AND better mileage

      The QPro loader arrived in two days, and uploading/saving the ECU information was a snap. I received my tune within hours of emailing it to Kerma. It took about fifteen minutes for the QPro to load the tune, and it was extremely easy. Done. I have a DSG which prevents more direct tactile feel, but it is much more responsive above 1600 rpm, especially above 1800 rpm on my 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI. 0-25 mph, and 20-40 mph transitions are MUCH quicker, which is REALLY useful in traffic situations. You can get up to speed quickly and then ride the turbo for excellent fuel economy. On the first tank, I got no less than 10% farther (manually calculated, and by fuelly), and I definitely used that new torque and power. With about 7500 miles on the block, this will undoubtedly get better as it breaks in. It looks like I will see more like 15% better mpg on the open road, as well as much more confident passing on two lane road situations. Hypermiling on the highway will push it to 50 mpg or better. I am really glad I did not wait to do this. on 27th Dec 2017

    7. Totally worth it...

      Having "upgraded" many different cars and trucks in the past and spent LOTS of time and money, this is totally worth it. It was easy and done in literally 20 min including reading the instructions. Noticeable power difference. No figuring out what parts work the best together, finding work arounds or spending hours getting everything to fit and work.
      I can't wait for the DSG programmer!
      on 9th Dec 2017


      Just got the Q-PRO and tuned my 2015 sportswagen. Amazing difference.

      MPG: was averaging around 46 MPG highway before the tune and now I am around 58-62.

      POWER: The first night I took it out after the tune and had some fun. I have the DSG in "sport" mode and waited till the car shifted to 2nd gear, winded it out without letting it downshift and was able to spin the tires then spin again in 3rd gear. Insane torque for a wagon.

      OVERALL SATISFACTION: Great product, worth every penny, and the guys at Kerma really know what they are doing.

      Buy the product now and see for your self the difference. It's so simple to use.
      on 4th Dec 2017

    9. must have for 2015 vw gsw 6m post 1st stage vw fix

      The ease of uploading the tune at home vs removing the ecu and shipping it out is incredible. Staff is knowlegable and helpful. After speaking with chris i opted to tune both my 2015 gsw 6m. Had 3 jsw 09s and 11 with a tune that vw bought back. Once i bought a 2015 with vw emission 1st stage fix, it was apparent stock tdi golf is no fun to drive. Because both 2015 have to go back to vw for 2nd stage hardware fix, i will have to reinstall stock tune before bringing the car back. With the q loader that is not a hassel and will take me no time to do. This makes the kerma tune a must have and would be silly to drive a stock tune golf.
      My 09 jsw 6m had a tune and also 381k miles, right before the buyback mpg wasnt very good, common numbers were 38-40mpg per tank highway and low 30s in chicago traffic. 09 had stock injectors with all that miles so i assume to get top mpg i needed to do some maintenance, (but it was a work car and it kept running so didnt change anything). So from my past experience im certain longevity of tdi is not harmed by these tunes....
      In conclusion, its silly not to get a tune!
      on 25th Nov 2017

    10. Power

      the power is good is highly recommended and good attention from the staff
      Increased the hp and torque greatly
      Golf tdi sportwagen 2016 from Mexico
      on 8th Nov 2017

    11. KERMA Knows Their Stuff!!

      If you are hesitant to pull the trigger on this, my advice is, "DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!!" You will NOT regret it!!!

      I recently purchased a 2015 Golf Sportwagen. I'm not a "car guy" by any means. I change my own oil and brakes, but that's about it. This being my first diesel, I know even less. But the guys at KERMA....they know their stuff. I really enjoyed the torque put out by the "Stage 1 Fixed" engine, but the horsepower was a bit...."eh..."*shoulder shrug.* The tune that KERMA did for my vehicle...have you ever seen/heard a station wagon chirp tires in second and third gear? WITHOUT the pedal mashed to the firewall?? Pre-tune acceleration would elicit a slight smile from my 5 and 2 year old boys. Post-tune acceleration has the older one giggling and the little one yelling "fast car! fast car! yaaaaaayyyyy!"

      Thank you to KERMA, customer service is top notch and products exceed expectations.
      on 13th Oct 2017

    12. Gives the car the power it should have left the factory with!

      After picking up a 2015 TDI with the Phase 1 "fix," I noticed that it tended to feel a little lackadaisical with regards to acceleration. For a diesel with a claimed 150 hp/236 lb-ft, it just didn't feel substantially better than my high-mileage 06 gasser. However, the Kerma tune definitely woke the car up. While I don't have any dyno numbers or formal testing, the "butt dyno" gives it a solid thumbs up! Fuel mileage gains were marginal, averaging about 1-2 mpg higher than stock (but given the power difference, I have no reason to complain). Your fuel mileage may vary depending on how you drive.

      The reason for only 4 stars is due to receiving a defective Q-Loader the first time around. What should have been a less than 24 hour process to extract the stock file, send to Kerma, receive the new file and re-tune took almost 2 weeks. However, Charlie and the crew at Kerma were incredibly supportive and stand by their products. Once we determined that the Q-Loader was bad, they overnighted another one and I had the car tuned in no time! I'll definitely be back for future upgrades once we all find out what the future holds for the 2015 cars in terms of EPA-mandated "fixes" and the aftermarket begins to develop products accordingly.
      on 1st Oct 2017

    13. MK7 Golf TDI awaken

      My Golf just had the recent VW phase one retune and it felt like the car just fell asleep. It was slower and MPG was lower as well. But after the Q-Pro reflash, the car is back and more! The car is a blast to drive now and more economical too! Great customer service from the Kerma team as well, they were always there to answer my inquiries. on 27th Sep 2017

    14. Plenty of Power

      Easy installation. This was my second car that I opted for a Kerma tune and I was not disappointed. Picked up a 2015 Golf TDi used and it was a little weak from the middle to upper power range. After the tune, the car now pulls in 3rd gear like a scolded cat. Stay tuned for the MPG update but so far I haven't lost any MPG's even though my foot is in the firewall more often now. on 12th Sep 2017

    15. Noticeable difference, great fuel economy

      2015 sportwagen that was "fixed" from vw. The car came to life once the software was uploaded. Huge difference in power and also 7mpg better on the freeway level, 3mpg in town. Amazing product, great support will do business with these guys again. on 18th Aug 2017

    16. Q-Pro Performs As Advertised

      The flash tuning on my 2015 Golf TDI SE has provided stunning results. The entire process was easy and Charlie was very quick with the modified file.

      The reflash has expunged troublesome off-the-line hesitation and pull through the midrange is now nothing short of remarkable.

      Thanks All

      on 16th Jul 2017

    17. Simple and effective

      2015 VW Sportwagon 2.0 liter with DSC transmission. This was as easy as hooking the unit up to my desktop via USB and then waiting for it to download it's own software updates. Then I plugged it into the OBDII port (ignition on but not started) on the car to copy the original ECU file to the Q-Pro. Then, plug it back into my desktop, copy the original ECU file to a folder and email it to Kerma. In a short time a return email came with the modified ECU program. I saved that to a file and copied it to the Q-Pro. Then took the Q-Pro to the car and hooked it up to the OBDII port again. It took about 8 minutes for it to copy the modified program to the ECU. After that, turn off the ignition and unplug the Q-Pro. Done! Reversible! Easy! With the new tune, the car runs great, has much more power and easily accelerates. Awesome. It's possible to get some serious speed in a hurry. I recommend doing it, even if you need to go out and buy a diesel VW first - it's that good. on 5th Jul 2017

    18. Solid Performance

      Handheld Q loader is easy to use. The new tune pulls consistently. Much more torque. fixed a dip in 3rd that used to drive my wife nuts. All in all a good upgrade. Everyone at Kerma was fantastic to deal with. on 29th Apr 2017

    19. Kerma keeps their promises

      Other than a hiccup with the first Qdro loader and a following very bad experience with Chris the car home sales guy Kerma's product is absolutely everything they promised and Jason who I assume is the tech guy was super cool. I've only used half a tank of fuel since the retune and my average mileage has gone from 47 mpg to 53.6 and the car just flat out gets with it. Completely happy guy here. on 28th Apr 2017

    20. My 2015 Tdi sportwagen

      I'm a little computer challengedesk so I had to call Kerman twice for help. They were great helping me. So, the tune is in and it really drives great. It pulls very strong through whole rpm range. After V.Wednesday. flashed my computer for there fix, they also flashed the Dsg computer. Transmission know shifts with a pause like a manual shift. So know if I really get in it first spins the tires and second spins the tires and third sounds like tires are ripping the payment. I have only really punched it a couple times. I have been through a tank of fuel and dropped down to 38.6 might around town, which is only about 1 might less. I LOVE MY KERMA TUNE. on 12th Apr 2017

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    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Passat;2015
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Sportwagen;2015
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf;2015
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Beetle;2015
    CAR APPLICATION: Audi;A3;2015
    CAR APPLICATION: Audi;A3;2016
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Beetle;2015
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Beetle;2016
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf Sportwagen;2015
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf Sportwagen;2016
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf;2015
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf;2016
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Jetta;2015
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Jetta;2016
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Passat;2015
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Passat;2016