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Manual Transmission

Stock TDI clutches are refined, but can't hold the torque of a modestly modified TDI. The factory "dual mass" flywheel (DMF) achieves silence at the cost of being complex and somewhat failure prone.

Solid, "single mass" flywheel (SMF) designs hold torque better, but traditional designs all rattled or "chattered" at idle to some degree. This noise was long considered the "price" of having a strong, reliable performance clutch with a single-mass flywheel for a TDI. The venerable "quiet" clutches from South Bend were a TDI performance icon for years. While they were quieter than most, they did make noise at idle to some extent.

We are proud to have worked closely with South Bend to create a clean slate design that makes rattling clutches a compromise of the past. These solid flywheel clutches engage smoothly and easily as the stock DMF clutches, while retaining stock feel and effort. Yet the newest Silent clutches don?t rattle or "chatter" at idle, with no noise at all, noise levels indistinguishable from a stock DMF clutch.

We really like the new generation of Silent Design clutches from South Bend. No more compromises! When your factory clutch wears out, replace it with a superior clutch: the new Silent Design from South Bend!

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