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Liqui Moly Diesel Purge/ Redline Deluxe Cleaning Kit PD BRM

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    Engine running rough? Try this engine treatment package. While it can't fix worn engines , problem injection pumps, or worn out injector nozzles.... sometimes engines are just dirty. Why not try a fuel system cleaning first?

    We've seen great results with one treatment!

    Kit includes

    1 x Oil Filter

    1 x Fuel Filter

    TO DETERMINE IF YOU HAVE 1 or 2-Hole Fuel filter, the easiest method is to look at the fuel filter housing located right ahead of the washer fill. If the part number on the housing ends in 400F you have the Early 2-hole filter. If the part number ends in 400K you have the Late 1-hole filter.

    2 x Bottles 85+ Deisel Fuel Catalyst

    1 x Bottle Liqui Moly Diesel Purge

    Change the fuel filter, fill the filter with Diesel Purge. Fill the fuel tank with Redline Tech 85. Run the engine at idle for 10 minutes to run the Diesel Purge through the engine. Then drive away and fill the fuel tank.

    On each subsequent fillup, add 3 ounces of Redline Tech 85 to the fuel.

    Powerful cleaning action removes deposits from injectors, pistons and combustion chambers.

    Eliminates engine running problems and knocking under partial load.

    Gives optimum combustion. Smoother engine running. Cleans the entire fuel system. Protects against corrosion.

    Ensures good combustion, increased economy and operational reliability. 500ml treats up to 200L.

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