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Ks3 Drop In Upgrade Turbo For Cr140 Cbea Cjaa -

Ks3 Drop In Upgrade Turbo For Cr140 Cbea Cjaa

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    Finally(!) an honest to goodness, self-contained, "plug and play" upgrade turbo for a CBEA and CJAA.

    The famous "CR170" turbo.. also known as the "stage 3 turbo" in the parlance of various internet forums, comes as standard equipment on the 170 hp (European spec) common rail Mk6 VW Golf, Jetta, and Beetle. Some consider this to be a minor upgrade for the USA-market CR140 CBEA and CJAA engines. The improvement is realized mostly through better high rpm performance that's brought about by the better breathing turbine wheel and larger compressor inducer. This facilitates airflow improvements compared to the original CR140 turbo. Ther resulting HP and torque improvements are accompanied by lower EGT.

    In the factory Borg Warner trim, the CR170 part number is 53039880207, listed for a PQ35/46 engine. The VW part number is 03L253056C. Etka shows this as fitting cars with the DPF-equipped 170 hp common rail engine in overseas markets.

    While it's possible to use it in CR140 CBEA and CJAA engines as it comes in the Borg Warner box, doing so requires the purchase of expensive (and illegal) exhaust components along with "special" engine computer changes. This is hardly what we would call plug and play. That's why it's is not listed as fitting any US- market car. Until now.

    The KERMA KS3 ("KERMA Stage 3") turbo is the first upgrade turbo ever offered for the US Market CR140 cars that's 100% compatible. This KS3 turbo retains all factory emissions controls, for an honest to goodness "plug and play" solution that actually IS "plug and play"! No other changes are required... installs perfectly with 100% factory piping and all factory emissions controls in place, for a "no brainer" fit and seamless integration. Our custom version of this turbo configures it for use in any CBEA or CJAA without compromising the integrity of the factory installation. If you need an entry-level upgraded turbo for your US-market common rail CBEA/CJAA car, this is the one!

    It's a brand new, genuine BorgWarner CR170 turbo - with a different skin. It requires no other parts to work in your CJAA or CBEA.

    It will even work with the original factory ECU programming, with zero problems, making it a viable upgrade replacement for the orginal equipment turbo. To attain the full potential of this turbo, an ecu tune is suggested:. We recommend our Qpro programmer for this task.

    We require a refundable core deposit to ensure your stock turbo is returned to us. The core deposit is automatically added in the shopping cart.

    For a limted time, we will offer further discounts if you can supply additional factory turbo cores, please contact Sales for details at 877-537-6283.


    This turbo comes with a 2yr 24k mile manufacture warranty with KermaTDi Tuning only.

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    1. Replacement turbo upgrade

      I was apprehensive about ordering this turbo with the small about of information available. So far i am glad that i did. The turbo has performed well improving high end performance with a small trade off at lower RPM. Namely in higher gears under about 1500 RPM the engine will not build sufficient boost to accelerate.

      I was concerned about how well the turbo would be controlled with the factory tune, and being shoved into the OEM sized housing so i took some data using VCDS and found it to be very well behaved never spiking over the boost level the computer asked for.
      I look forward to adding a tune to take advantage of the extra air this thing moves now.

      The only reason i do not give this 5 stars is the turbo did not have dust covers on the turbine and compressor when i received it.
      on 24th Oct 2016

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