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Koni FSD Shine Racing Complete suspension kit (VW 99-06 Golf IV, Jetta IV)

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  • Product Description

    -KERMATDI- is your EXCLUSIVE distributor for Shine Racing Service products!!!
    This is a great package!! Includes everything you need to make for a great handling car.
    Install a fresh upgraded suspension!

    -Koni FSD struts and shocks
    -Shine Racing Springs
    -Shine Racing Rear Sway Bar
    -Full suspension install kit which includes :
           -Audi TT Lower Control Arm bushings
           -Dust Sleeves
           -Bump Stops
           -Strut Mount Bushings
           -Contol Arm Bushings
            -Strut Mounting Kits

    This creates an ideally riding MK4. Ride is more supple than the Bilstein HD/Shine Real Street combo for a comfortable, yet agile ride.


    -KERMATDI- is your EXCLUSIVE distributor for Shine Racing Service products!!!
    Real Street Suspensions

    Real Street Suspensions are designed to work in everyday conditions where you encounter both fast highway on-ramps and rough bumpy roads.

    Volkswagens have between 65-70% of their weight over their front wheels which causes understeer. Larger front sway bars cause more understeer and unload the inside front wheel during hard cornering resulting in wheelspin. This is a major handicap, especially when autocrossing. Shine Racing suspensions are designed to minimize understeer and increase grip.

    These Springs allow you to start building a Real Street Suspension...with Bilstein HD Struts and shocks, or Koni FSD Struts and shocks, and a Shine Rear Sway Bar.

    Real Street suspension kits come with 4 springs, 4 shocks and an SRS custom-fabricated tubular rear sway bar. The improvement over stock is simply amazing. Turn in is dramatically sharpened, and overall grip and dynamics greatly improved. Ride is stiffer than stock but much better than other spring kits on the market. All kits come with a lifetime warranty. Parts are available separately, but best results are obtained with the complete kits. 




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    1. Awesome kit! Great service

      Very impressed with the kit. Springs are stiff and beefy, dampeners do a smart job of not being noticed, and the RSB really helps to prevent the dreaded 'sledding' understeer. Car feels athletic and taut, driveable in the real world but predictable and balanced right up to the traction limit. Match it up with a good set of rubbers and you'll be ready to embarrass friends and strangers on the twisties

      Couple things:

      1) This kit does not lower your car. Depending on preference (and the technically-minded have weighed in on this issue ad nauseum) this may be a good or bad thing. I'm in agreement with SRS's philosophy that lowering the mk4 is an aesthetic choice not a performance upgrade. Just make sure you get the kit you want

      2) When you're doing the LCA bushes the job will be easy if you have a press. Make sure to be generous with copper grease and can also put them in the freezer to make them fit better

      3) The upper strut nuts take a vw tool. If you're crafty you can take a spare socket and shave a couple flat spots on the side to get a grip with an adjustible wrench. Drop an allen key through the socket and hold it with a second wrench. Overtighten at risk to seals
      on 27th Mar 2015

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    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;1999
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;1999.5
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2000
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2001
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2002
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2003
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2004
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2005
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2006
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;1999
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;1999.5
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2000
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2001
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2002
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2003
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2004
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2005
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;1998
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;1999
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2000
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2001
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2002
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2003
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2004
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2005
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2006
    Car Application: VW;Golf;1999
    Car Application: VW;Golf;2000
    Car Application: VW;Golf;2001
    Car Application: VW;Golf;2002
    Car Application: VW;Golf;2003
    Car Application: VW;Golf;2004
    Car Application: VW;Golf;2005
    Car Application: VW;Golf;2006
    Car Application: VW;Jetta;1999
    Car Application: VW;Jetta;2000
    Car Application: VW;Jetta;2001
    Car Application: VW;Jetta;2002
    Car Application: VW;Jetta;2003
    Car Application: VW;Jetta;2004
    Car Application: VW;Jetta;2005