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Kerma Custom TDI Tuning (including Q-Pro programmer) for ALH 2000-2003 -

Kerma Custom TDI Tuning (including Q-PRO programmer) for ALH 2000-2003

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  • Product Description


    ECU tuning for ALH- with Q-Pro



    This package covers all TDI between model years 2000-2003, with the ALH 90 hp engine.


    About ECU tuning

    While our model for TDI performance includes mechanical components like the turbo, intake, exhaust, camshaft, cylinder head, and so forth, that's only part of the picture. At the end of the day, there's just no avoiding the influence of the ECU on every aspect of the engine. Even with the very best mechanical components, it's ultimately the ECU tuning that makes everything work together as a balanced, functional package.


    Great tuning is the foundation of our philosophy of seamless, cost effective upgrades. This lets the customer build and upgrade with confidence... with our proven upgrade packages.


    ECU tuning is an essential part of our balanced TDI concept... that goes great with our:




    • -precisely calibrated injectors featuring Bosio nozzles,
    • -upgraded Silent Design Clutches from Southbend,
    • -tested and proven Turbocharger upgrades
    • -Colt Billet Cams
    • -KermaFlow Stainless Exhaust Systems





    We have learned so much over the 10+ years, that our ECU tuning has become really sophisticated.There's so much work behind the scenes to create the best engine tuning calibrations, that go hand in hand with our nozzle and calibration work... the upgrade turbos... and the other components. We are finding that the ECU tuning is the difference that can make it a tremendous success.


    When we sell it here, then we fully support it here, so you know our ECU tuning compliments our upgraded equipment perfectly. Whether you are a weekend tinkerer or dedicated professional mechanic, you can always count on us to see you through the project with a minimum of hassle. After all, you bought the car to drive, not work on it!




    Our ECU Tuning is made-to order to YOUR specifications, and we can support a wide range of modifications. Whether it's a completely stock car, or nearly twice the original horsepower and torque, or more, we've got you covered.



    Whether you upgrade a little, or upgrade a lot...Kerma's Custom Tuning approach provides a powerful foundation so you can confidently build a great car. And when you buy the upgrade parts from us, the retuning is free.



    Our goal is to make the car ownership experience a pleasure. The real joy that comes from driving a fuel efficient car- that becomes really fun to drive.  


    Q-Pro Flash Programmer - a KERMA innovation

    This tuning package includes our very popular Q-pro device. It's a standalone, menu driven programmer, about the size of a paperback.The Q-pro is convenient and very simple to use. 


    • Touch screen - Menu-driven device, about the size of a paperback.
    • Stores your stock factory tune and up to two modified tunes
    • Very simple to use- menu driven and untuitive.
    • If you can use e-mail on a PC you can use the Q-PRO
    • Connects to the diagnostic port on your vehicle for commincation with the ECU
    • It also reads and clears Diagnostic Troubleshooting Codes.
    • Easy to return to stock programming at any time


    The convenience of Q-Pro makes upgrade tunes a breeze any time you purchase equipment upgrades from kermaTDI. So this is perfect if you choose to start with a tune, and then add nozzles later, then a turbo after that. We simply e-mail you a new upgrade tune to support your equipment upgrade - free of charge.

    And if you sell the car, and the ECU is restored to stock, your Q -Pro can be used on the next vehicle - all you need to buy is a tune for a the new car and reuse the programmer.

    After you order, we will e-mail detailed instructions and ask for some information about your car. We are always available to answer questions at 877-537-6283 or tuning@kermatdi.com

    The Q Pro works on Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and ... Mac that can dual boot into Win XP or Win 7

  • Product Reviews


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    1. If in doubt, buy this

      Wonderful system, wonderful support, noticeable positive results and continuing support. Can't ask for much more. Makes a huge difference even with PP520 on a stock clutch. This is a must for anyone who cares about their car. All I can think of to best describe this is cliche's like "it wakes the car up" and "it should come like this from the factory". Given the customization, adaptability with other mods, and the fact that it eliminates the need to clean the intake makes this well worth it. Also the Q-Loader is very easy to understand and is very convenient.

      If your car is ready for modifications, this is definitely the place to start.
      on 6th Oct 2015

    2. Couldn't be happier !

      I was somewhat hesitant at first given that my car is still stock .
      I've been driving the Jetta for two days now with the new tune. Freaking AMAZING!!!
      It's better than when I bought it 12 years ago.
      That is the best tune and performance I could imagine. I can pass anything including a gas station
      on 23rd Aug 2015

    3. Good product but with room for improvement...

      A very basic, easy to use loader. Does not come pre-loaded, so you must contact and forward your info on to their tuning dept. before using. They will send instructions on programing the box, copying your stock tune to send off for modification, and then loading the modified tune once received.

      Two features which would be a fantastic upgrade to the product would be a real time boost gauge based on MAP sensor readings, and while I know it's a long shot, but the ability to adjust IQ via connecting to the ecm would be sweet (could eliminate the need for vcds for a lot of us).
      on 8th Jun 2015

    4. All stock, first mod. Well worth it.

      Seeing a consistent 7-10% bump in my fuel economy now (48mpg+). 700 mile tanks effortlessly, and probably could get 800 on longer trips. Very pleased with the Kerma tune. And of course drivability and power are something else. No more bogging down on hills in 5th. Just good constant power. on 3rd Jun 2015

    5. Drive how you want it to drive !!!

      With this tune loader and Charlie's wiz skills and experience of tuning, after some trouble-shooting with my car Charlie helped me get it all tuned and setup for the way I wanted it to be. My EGR delete kit was giving me some trouble but after some fine tuning everything it was safe for me to load the tune in and after giving it a test drive I liked the tune and the configuration that was on it right away ! Defiantly will be upgrading my clutch in a year or so for a more aggressive tune later. And the best thing is at no additional cost for the upgraded tune. Thanks guys you turned a beginner diesel enthusiast into one that knows a little more now. on 1st Jun 2015

    6. Wonderful upgrade even on stoc hardware

      I got the KermaTDI Qoader and tune for my stock 2000 Beetle TDi... the car pulls so much more strongly it's a genuine joy to drive. Punchy around town, the power seems smoother and less peaky, and it runs to near-redline much more willingly. This still isn't a sports car but it's now really a more fun car. The fact I can get a free updated tune to account for stuff like upgraded injectors (my likely next step) if I get the parts from Kerma is just a bonus. Great service too, fast turnaround times. on 23rd Mar 2015

    7. Stock engine, new tune, really an improvement!

      I have a 2000 Beetle TDi, with bone stock hardware. I asked for a tune that would make the car punchier around town, accelerate off the line better, but not smoke any more than stock. From what I can tell, what I asked for is exactly what I got. the car is definitely much stronger and quicker, it pulls WAY harder in 2d gear. perfect for the cut and thrust of city traffic. The overall driveability is fine, no weird peaks or jerkiness -- just more power in the band where I wanted it. I'm really happy with the purchase and the service was great. Simple to do, too. The fact I have the option of getting free tunes in the future when I upgrade engine hardware (thinking about injectors next) just makes it better. on 18th Mar 2015

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    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2000
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2001
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2002
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2003
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2000
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2001
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2002
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2003
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2000
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2001
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2002
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2003