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-ECU Tuning for ALH '00-'03 (Later models, without Q-loader)

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  • Product Description

    Reprogramming your '00-'03 ALH engine computer is one of the best things you can do. You will experience a vastly improved car. We've specialized in TDI tuning for a long time, and we do it really well. We offer many options at no extra charge, and future update tunes are included in the price as you buy upgrade parts from us. (there may be an additional charge for upgrades not purchased from kermatdi)

    Every program is individually personalized by kerma's tuning department to best use your car's modifications and according to your desired driving characteristics. We prefer this approach to discreet "stages" because there are so many possible equipment configurations.   

    Our ECU tuning (chipping) is mostly done over OBD nowadays.  We really like our Q-loader flash tool. It's very simple  to use, and the convenience is a real plus compared to shipping ecus back and forth. Another bonus with the Q-loader: we will update your tunes for free when you buy future upgrades from us, like the turbos and injectors and so forth.  Please see the Q-loader product description for more details regarding the convenience of the Q-loader delivery method. 


    We have a lot of experience tuning these cars the right way. You will be impressed with the results regardless of the delivery method. But the Q-loader convenience can't be beat. We are proud to have pioneered and popularized this technology for TDI's.


    Check out our turn-key packages that have everything you need to upgrade to a solid, proven package that will make you not able to believe it's the same car. 


    Or we can do the upgrades in steps. Chip + injectors is a good starting point for most guys. Give us a call for a recommendation on a solid, proven combination that will give you years of great performance.

    We offer several options for delivery. Please contact us by phone or e-mail do discuss your preference. Tuning Form [Please do not click on this link until you have purchased a tune and have an invoice number]


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    1. Great tune, easy install, astounding performance gains!

      I can't say i knew what i was getting when I ordered this tune. I heard the hp numbers and the torque numbers, but i didn't know how much i would feel it in the car. I have to say, i have been very impressed! Not only is the fun factor of driving this car way higher, i still get the same mpg as before! If not even better mpgs! And Charlie @ KermaTDI was a huge help and made my tune work for my other mods! on 17th Oct 2016

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    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2000
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2001
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2002
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2003
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2000
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2001
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2002
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2003
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2000
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2001
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2002
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2003