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    NOW Available for 2015 JETTA, PASSAT, BEETLE and AUDI A3 TDI (golf and sportwagen will be available soon)

    Kermatdi is pleased to offer the result of months of development and refined with "seat time"... the best transmission control upgrade available for your TDI. Our DSG flash greatly improves the driving experience.


    Overall benefits (all modes):

    • Increased torque limits so overall operation is smoother during shifts.
    • Improved shifting strategies make the car drive more like you would if it was a manual transmission.
    • The engine is kept in the torque band where it is more responsive and efficient.
    • Each of the operating modes (D, S, manual) work more like you would expect them to.
    • Higher power handling with increased main pressure.
    • Less delay or "lag" when starting from a complete stop.


    The complete character of the driving experience is changed. Driving is much more intuitive and engaging. This is a visceral feeling that can't easily be explained with a few written words: It must be experienced.


    Factory Eco mode: ("D" or "Drive') : The stock factory transmission tuning has some shortfalls from an enthusiasts point of view.

    • Shifting is too slow and sometimes the transmission feels like it can't make up it's mind what gear it wants to be in
    • Shifting often hangs in between shifts ("hunting") and the extra torque from engine tuning can make this more pronounced.
    • Upshifting happens too soon in the rpm band. This causes the car to bog down below the peak torque area.
    • Upshifting in rapid succession- keeps the rpm well below the torque area.
    • When extra power is requested at the pedal, the transmission is reluctant to downshift. And the car stays at 1100-1200 rpm unless the kickdown switch is engaged at WOT. This causes the car to feel sluggish.
    • Full throttle holds too long, well past the power peak.
    • There is a long delay upon initial throttle application before the car starts to move.


    KERMA tuned Eco Mode: A great improvement! The car drives more like it would if it was a manual transmission under the control of the driver.

    • Shifting is much quicker, very crisp and satisfying.
    • No hanging between shifts. Nice positive engagement upon gear changes.
    • The upshifts are held until slightly higher rpm. The upshift keeps the engine squarely in the peak torque band- where it is more responsive and satisfying to drive.
    • Downshifts are much more responsive to the throttle, but not overly so. It's as if the transmission can finally understand when you want more power, keeping you squarely in the fat part of the torque band.
    • Max rpm for upshifts is lower, which keeps the engine in the more responsive part of the power band after the shift.
    • Immediate response when starting from a full stop. No more delay or lag!
    • If RPM gets too low, downshifting is automatic to keep the engine from bogging . Also assists engine braking!


    Factory Sport mode ("S"): Somewhat awkard to drive on the street.

    • Most of the same problems as Eco mode, but instead of being too quick to upshift, just the opposite happens: It practically "refuses" to shift into the next gear!
    • Not responsive to throttle inputs when rpm gets too low. This causes severe bogging and there is a reluctance to downshift when power is requested.
    • RPM is held way too long under full throttle, well past the power band, resulting in slower overall acceleration.


    KERMA tuned Sport mode: Better driver control over the transmission, more like a "true" sport mode should be. Many of the same problems are solved as in "eco" mode, with some notable differences. The car drives like a rally car.

    • You can more easily cause an upshift by lifting the throttle. RPM still holds longer than eco mode, but it's not "locked in" to where it won't upshift.
    • As RPM starts to drop too low, automatic downshifts keep the engine in the power band.
    • Very responsive to throttle inputs and the behavior seems telepathic to what the driver intends to do. Downshifts are designed to keep the engine in the best part of the power band.
    • Max throttle shifts happen at the power peak and this lands the engine in a much more responsive area going to the next higher gear.


    Factory Manual mode: Kind of a misnomer, not a true manual mode.

    • Way too eager to downshift, (making dyno runs difficult for example).


    KERMA tuned Manual Mode: A "true" manual mode!

    • Will *NOT* downshift until 1100 rpm, and then only with throttle input.
    • Will hold rpm past redline.
    • Just like a manual transmission!


    Requires a $1000 refundable depost. We will ship the tuning module to you to flash your car. After you flash your car just send it back for your refund.

    Fits: Mk5 2009 and up, Mk6 Jetta, Golf, Beetle. Jetta sportwagen, AUDI A3 TDI, B7 Passat with DSG transmission

    A recent email from one of our satisfied customers


    "Upon further review and testing of the KermaTDI DSG tune, I have to take my hat off to you. It is like a new car. I very much like this, and likely saved the car for me. I actually get a gear when I want it. The car now seems like it is faster to accelerate than it was before. So, stepping on the accelerator immediately drops a gear with no lag and off the car goes. I love it. The car is 200% more drivable. I am quite pleased. For me, the previous tune was so bad, that I dare to say that it could be seen as a safety issue. With the Kerma DSG tune, the actually moves, and gets out of its own way, as before it would, but only with severe lag, then neck snapping downshifts. It was bad. Now it is great... how many times do I have to repeat it. Additionally, like the description for the tune states, the car is kept in a higher rpm band, or lower gear, keeping the driver in a better state of acceleration, rather than the car bogging out in highest gear. "

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    1. The Whole Package

      Out the gates I did the DSG with the Kerma tune and it is amazing. A little bit of a bugger trying to get down to read from the transmission plug but after Kerma works their magic you go back in via the OBD plug so there is no worries. If you can do both purchases at the same time you should really just knock them both out. on 1st Jun 2017

    2. Amazing tune

      I had a 2010 TDI tuned then I installed the dsg flash and it made a world of difference! Definitely a must have! Money well spent on 23rd Aug 2016

    3. Fixed so many things

      I can see what gear I'm in. It doesn't lug anymore. Mileage increased. Launch control is scary fast and since I don't have the $ to replace tires, I don't do it often. Sport mode is way fun now and manual actually keeps it in the gear you choose and doesn't auto up or down shift for you. I know if wasn't crucial to have this but after tuning it, I couldn't resist. on 4th Jul 2016

    4. A must upgrade for any TDI enthusiast

      I just matched my kerma tune with their DSG tune. This is a definite must! The process was very simple. Much like using the Qpro, you connect the supplied connector to your transmission data port under your air intake box and download the factory info from the transmission and upload it. The software is sent to you in a link along with easy to follow instructions. Then simply email it to kerma tuning and in a few hours or less you will have your performance tune. Upload is simple, you can now upload it via your obdII port.

      The new tune is great. In D, it keeps your rpm's in peak performance range to help you get better mpg, increases available torque (you can really feel it), and firms up the shifts. The spot mode is a whole different beast. It keeps your rpm's at peak torque and snaps the rpm gauge when you get on it. It also holds rpm's better and decelerates like a dsg should. The shifts are much more firm without feeling to rough while still pushing you back into your seat. It now performs like running in manual mode without the lag or sloppy slow shifts.
      on 19th Jan 2016

  • Product Videos

    • Kerma dsg tune drive along
      A drive along video explaining the changes with a kerma dsg tune.
    • KermaTDI

    Kerma dsg tune drive along

    A drive along video explaining the changes with a kerma dsg tune.
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    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf;2010
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf;2011
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf;2012
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf;2013
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Golf;2014
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Jetta;2011
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Jetta;2012
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    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Sportwagen;2009
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    CAR APPLICATION: Audi;A3;2009
    CAR APPLICATION: Audi;A3;2010
    CAR APPLICATION: Audi;A3;2011
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    CAR APPLICATION: Audi;A3;2014
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Jetta;2005.5
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    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Jetta;2015
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    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Passat;2015
    CAR APPLICATION: Volkswagen;Passat;2016