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DSG Service Kit (40K)

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  • Product Description

    This is a complete service kit including 5 liters of DSG fluid from Febi or Fuchs Titan, Filter Cartridge, drain plug washer and top seal for cars equiped with a DSG transmission.


    DIY instructions click HERE




    2013-2015 Beetle TDI w/ 2.0L CJAA or CVCA Engine

    2010-2015 Golf TDI with 2.0 CJAA or CRUA Engine 

    2005-2006 Jetta TDI with BRM engine

    2009-2010 Jetta TDI with 2.0 CBEA/CJAA engine

    2011-2015 Jetta TDI with 2.0 CJAA or CVCA engine

    2012-2015 Passat TDI with CKRA or CVCA Engine

    2009-2015 Sportwagen TDI with 2.0L CBEA/CJAA or CRUA Engine

    2009-2015 Audi A3 TDI

    2015 Jetta, Golf, Beetle, Sportwagen, Passat with EA288 Engine


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    1. Better than what VW dealership uses

      I have a 2015 Passat. It has always had a strange sensation of friction between second and third gear when I happened to use a speed that fell between the two gears. It has done so since new and I thought it was a quirk with the DSG transmission. VW did a transmission service at 40,000 miles and nothing changed. I did the service at 80,000 miles and.....the friction is gone! Great product.
      Secondly, For owners unsure whether or not to do the service. It was pretty easy. Nothing was unexpected. The hardest part for me was to get the air box back on the grommet pegs when putting everything back together again.
      on 24th Dec 2017

    2. Complete package

      I had hesitated to service the transmission oil and filter on my TDI beetle in the past, but after doing a little more research online, I decided to give it a try on our newly acquired 2013 TDI Passat with the DSG transmission.

      KermaTDI offers a complete package at a reasonable price. I saved hundreds by changing the oil and filter myself. The package includes 5 liters of oil (I found that some packages come with 6, when you only need 5), the transmission filter with o-rings, and a new drain plug. Most importantly, the link they provide on the page that lists this product (under the Description tab) shows a couple methods for doing the tranny service. I used the (recommended, and easy) measure-and-fill method and didn't need to buy any special equipment (unless you consider a funnel tube (Hoppy (or Hopkins) brand), get from Wal-Mart, a special tool). Oh, you will need to buy an 8mm and 14mm Allen wrench sockets if you don't have these already, but that's it. Follow the instructions from the link to Diesel Geek and you'll be good to go.

      Lastly, shipping was fast and reasonably priced. KermaTDI sent it out right away, so I was able to finish the job before I went on vacation.
      on 1st Jun 2017

    3. VW DSG Transmission Service Kit

      I searched a lot for the best price I could find (I'm cheap) and this was it. However, not only did Kerma TDI have the best price, they also have complete instructions on their website. Shipping was very fast and reasonable as well. on 17th Sep 2016

    4. Easy Enough

      I used this to change my DSG fluid/filter at 180k miles. Using this fluid and a funnel for the measure/fill method, I had no problems. I've probably driven about 500 miles since and haven't had any transmission issues. on 14th May 2016

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