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Digital Calibration and Nozzle mounting for Pumpe Duse (PD)

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    Digital Calibration and Nozzle mounting for Pumpe Düse (PD)

    Also known as Unit Injectors, these incorporate the nozzle assembly with a 2000 bar high pressure pump providing each cylinder its own "Unit Injector". This system greatly increases the precision and control over combustion when compared with older fuel injection systems.

    With every service we provide a complete tear down and inspection of the PD injector. Following the inspection the injectors are ultrasonically cleaned and rebuilt. Each injector is individually setup to insure the most precise calibration of the two-stage injection. We are able to set the PD injectors back to OEM specs or for custom or race applications we can provide a custom pressure setup according to your specifications

    Please note:  We can replace and calibrate the injection section of the PD injector ...we cannot rebuild the electronics or pump section. Our service is for servicing and upgrading working PD injectors. Failed PD injectors must be replaced with new PD injectors..which we normally have in stock

    We now stock a complete range of new nozzles for the entire PD line of engines up to and including Race nozzles for off-road applications. As we always have, we only stock the OEM shims accross the complete range of sizes.  Includes 4 Seal Kits. We also highly recommend ordering 4 new injector hold-down bolts. They can be ordered HERE

    Additionally we stock new internal alignment pins and are available as needed during your overhaul.


    Please send injectors bubble-wrapped individually to the following address

    KermaTDI - Fuel Shop - Invoice #

     2151 S Century Way

     Boise, ID 83709 USA

    Injectors that have run Waste Vegetable Oil / Alternative Fuels... or that have thrown codes or have damage... may not be rebuildable. Purchase of new Bosch PD injectors is the best option. In this case the $200 tear down inspection fee is waived.


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    1. Just had our BEW injectors rebuilt with medium nozzles

      We are very happy with our injectors! Havent seen the mileage jump yet but it has been hard to worry about mpg when it runs so much better. lol. Passing speed has greatly increased letting us pass with out downshifting! Thanks Kerma! on 3rd Mar 2016

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