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ARP head studs for TDI

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    ARP head studs for TDI-

    This is the Official new ARP Head Stud for 1.9 VW and Audi Turbo Diesels    

    Are you losing engine coolant because of high boost pressures lifting the head? The stretch bolts specified by the factory are not up to the task of holding down the head under these conditions. Please don't confuse these bolts with the back-cut chrome-moly Ford Cosworth studs ARP formerly provided for the TDI's... Those are not up to the task in a modified TDI.

    kermaTDI is proud to say that we worked with ARP's master distributor and ARP's engineers to specify a new head stud made from the patented AARP2000 material that are up to the task of handling extreme cylinder pressures in a modified TDI.  This is the Official Kit From ARP with all the correct specifications fitted and tested on an ALH block and ALH head

    If you have a "leaker' head gasket, these studs could very well "heal" it, without removing the head!! Simply remove each existing head bolt, one at a time, in the torque pattern specified in the factory manual, torquing each to 80 ft lb on the first pass, then 100 ft lb, and finally to 125 ft-lb for final torque. If you use the ARP-provided lube, there is no re-torque required!

    We now have in the ARP head stud specified by ARP for use in VW and Audi  1.9 L TDI. Check with us for full application guides, but certainly ALH engine applications are covered ]


    To avoid last minute problems , please don't wait for your car to be down... to order these. They sell faster than they are being produced.


    Here's an excerpt from the info ARP sent me.

    I think it will include 2003


    ARP -The world leader in fastener technology has just released a new Pro Series ARP2000 head stud kit for 1982-2002 VW/Audi 1.6L and 1.9L Turbo and Non-Turbo diesel applications. The application covered by this listing include the following engine codes:



    and 1.9L

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    1. Cheaper than blowing a head gasket!

      I've seen good builds get a lot more expensive because of a blown head gasket. I am the 3rd owner of my car and have no idea if the top end had been removed or if the stretch bolts were properly installed so I when I decided to upgrade (165+ kit) these bolts seemed like a good idea. on 4th May 2017

    2. Ahu coolant leak

      Was having a pretty sizable coolant blow out from reservoir. About 1 1/2 qt in 100 miles. Used the ARP head studs and after 600 miles no leak and temp stays steady just below middle. So this fix worked for me. on 11th Sep 2016

    3. Arp, it's too easy!

      The install and overall quality is excellent. I strongly suggest removing the access oil where your previous oem stud was, as I had some residual oil at the bottom and wanted to be sure no hydro lock condition would occur. Other than that, no complaints here. Excellent for a high boost application! on 12th Nov 2015

    4. ARP head stud kit.

      Great product, and cheaper that a set of OEM bolts at dealer. on 17th Oct 2015

    5. Don't risk it!

      You may think your current studs are good to go, if you're pushing any levels of boost above stock in your machine, don't risk it. Why chance having to do a head gasket and potential head warp for the sake of some studs? You're gonna need a 5mm allan key for the valve cover bolts (DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN ON REINSTALL), you WILL NEED a 1/2" drive 12mm long shank triple square to remove originals, and a 1/2" drive 14mm 12pt socket for new install, as well as a good 1/2" torque wrench. Takes about 2hrs. 4-step torque procedure. Remove and replace one at a time bringing each one up to stock torque before moving on to the next. When all are replaced and torqued to stock level, split the difference between final torque and stock into 3 parts and use 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, final check in the sequence provided. on 8th Jun 2015