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Mk4 Premium+ Cross Drilled Rear Brake Package for TDI and 2.0 (232x9mm rotor size)

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  • Product Description

    This is our Stage 1 brake upgrade package for TDI and 2.0l A4 equipped cars. Package ships with Akebono Euro Ceramic Pads and Zimmerman cross drilled rotors.


    Akebono Euro Ceramic pads deliver noticeably improved modulation over stock pads as well as significantly reduced unsightly dust. Premium pad backing layer prevents brake squeal. These pads come equipped with wear sensors.


    Genuine Zimmerman cross drilled rotors are the hardest, least prone to warping, and judder, and eliminate brake fade during repeated hard stopping efforts.


    If you're looking for track day performance on a budget with very low dust, this is the package for you!


    As with any brake component install, best performance will follow a proper bedding in procedure. Because of the Akebono ceramic pad's advanced compound, this package requires a slightly longer and more aggressive bedding in procedure. Please feel free to contact technical support for a bedding in summary. (extension 2 off our toll free number; 877 KERMATDI; or tech@KermaTDI.com)

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    1. STOP IT

      I live on the Western Slope of Colorado and great breakes aren't an option but a requirement! You'd be hard pressed to find a better rotor/pad combination for the price. Service is second to none. You won't be disappointed.
      Bob Petrus
      on 15th Apr 2016

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    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;1999.5
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2000
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2001
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2002
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2003
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2004
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2005
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Golf;2006
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;1999.5
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2000
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2001
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2002
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2003
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2004
    Car Application: Volkswagen;Jetta;2005
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;1998
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;1999
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2000
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2001
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2002
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2003
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2004
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2005
    Car Application: Volkswagen;New Beetle;2006