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A4 FrostHeater 1999.5- early 2001 MK4 Golf/Jetta

$14.95 (Fixed shipping cost)
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    2001 VW Golf/Jetta Owners:

    Which car do you have? You can tell from the date of manufacture:


    2001 Jetta/Golf sedan & wagon TDI (A4 / MKIV) ( EARLY PRODUCTION thru 9/00) All Transmissions

    2001 Jetta/Golf sedan & wagon TDI(A4 / MKIV) (LATE PRODUCTION from 10/00) All Transmissions
    If you need a late model mkIV FrostHeater click here

    Determining whether you have an early 2001 or late 2001 can be identified by the type of battery cover your car has:

    The early production 2001s just the top cover comes off the battery

    The later production 2001s the battery cover consists of the top, front and sides as one piece.


    Instant Heat!
    Defrost ice and frost off the windows sooner for safer vision
    Positive cold starts
    Less wear and tear on the engine and starting components
    Reduced warm up idle time
    Reduced emissions and tailpipe smoke at start up
    Works great with your Bio Diesel or Waste Vegetable Oil Conversion!
    Easy to install - 1 to 2 hours on average
    Custom fit for Golfs, Jettas, Beetles, and Passats with the TDI engine
    Compact, about the size of two 12oz soft drink cans
    Factory appearance when installed
    Name brand ZeroStartTM heater and GatesTM hoses
    Custom Hoses for exact fit (Both upper & lower are specific to your year and model TDI)
    Rub Protection on the hoses for longevity specific to your year and model TDI
    Custom Stainless Steel Laser-Cut Bracket specific to your year and model TDI (on most kits)
    Thermostatically controlled prevents over-heating
    Kit comes fully-assembled, ready to install

    TDIHeater Details:

    Volkswagen TDI Diesel Engine Coolant Heater Kit is custom fit for Golfs, Jettas, Beetles, and Passats with the TDI engine.

    The 1000 WATT tank heater circulates coolant throughout the engine for QUICKER STARTS AND INSTANT HEAT! (TDI owners know how long it takes to get heat!)

    Benefits include: reducing wear on the glow plugs, starter and battery. Oil pan heaters only heat the oil, and could be a fire hazard. Without any accessible frostplugs on the engine, a frostplug heater is not an option either.

    Numerous VW dealers buy our TDIHeater in quantity and install them in brand new TDIs!
    The kit is compact in size, comes pre-assembled with all necessary parts, hoses, and mounting bracket, to install the heater in an afternoon. Just add your own coolant and time.

    These are brand new heaters engineered to fit exclusively the 1996 to 2006 TDI engines. The heater will not fit older diesels. The heater is about the size of two 12oz soda pop cans, and fits nicely under the hood.

    The kit fits like a glove, and has good clearance around the heater even when installing the unit. It will have a factory appearance when installed. I have had people say it looks factory when looking at mine.

    Terry Frost developed this kit because he was tired of cold mornings with no heat up to 10 miles, and unable to locate someone producing a heater that actually fits and works. Our kit ensures correct installation and operation. Tank heaters need to be properly located and installed or they will not work.

    Engineered with the following kept in mind:
    It must appear factory, like it was designed to be there with clearance around the unit
    It must maintain factory bend radius requirements for coolant hoses
    It must have a low or no impact on the cooling system
    It must be mounted in such a way to minimize engine vibration
    It must consist of top-quality components for at least a 100,000 mile or more service life
    It must not have a check-valve so no engine damage occurs
    The heater is a ZeroStartTM Brand heater with GatesTM Brand hoses developed exclusively for the kit. All the brackets and hoses come pre-installed on the heater so it bolts right in and works. This is a No-hassle drop-in kit using simple hand tools.

    Included in the kit is detailed step-by-step instruction booklet with color photos to ensure a trouble-free installation with NO guesswork, fabrication, or backyard engineering required.

    Ships with the Postal Service - Priority Mail - and is added to the total cost during checkout.

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